Friday, August 30, 2013


   For my readers who may not know what's going on, Syria's on-going civil war has reached a new level today with accusations of the use of chemical weapons that was used to kill people slowly and painfully. Why should we care? First off, it's inhumane and unpredictable. Unleashing a cloud that can cause mass death and carried by wind and contact is just as destructive as dropping a nuclear bomb. The second reason is they the government allegedly used these chemical weapons on their own people, if a government has that lack of care for it's own people than how can we expect them to care about how they affect the rest of the world?
   We all inhabit this world and we have to face facts, what happens in one part of the world will some how affect us. It may be on a low scale for some and a bigger one for others. I understand the situation that we can't get involved with an internal conflict but in the end there has to be a breaking point and using chemical weapons against defenseless people is unacceptable. Now America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and France want to strike against the Syrian government while the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and Germany have decided not to get involved. So the question is what should we do about this situation?
    It's a very complex situation and the last thing anyone wants to do is start World War 3. This debate is a double edged sword because no matter what side you touch, you're going to get cut. This is the same debate we've faced with Darfur and Rwanda because when do respond to our responsibility as human beings? I get it, we can't impose our ways of life on other cultures and I agree with that but at the same time. Do you really want a culture around that believes it's ok to commit genocide, treat people like commodes, and run around with no order or sense of responsibility?

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