Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tribute to Haiku

Heart is an organ,

love is what gives it purpose.

Tread wisely my friend.


Winter silence comes

bringing solitude and peace.

Let the world rejoice.


I hate waking up

and going to school, but I

love to sit by her.


Cupid’s arrows reign

reminding moments of passion.

This is my Christmas.


Leaves begin to bloom,

it’s a day of massive births.

Winds come to baptize.


Who dares not wear green?

Who wants a pinch on the rear?

Want some lucky charms?


Children leave to treat,

Adults go out to find tricks.

Whose Halloween for?


The sun rises in joy

Caressing bodies with love.

I envy the view.


Lovers kiss in bliss,

Lovers merge in ecstasy,

Thank you sweet Cupid.


Time to roast and feast,

watch the floats and stuff the birds.

Please save my drumsticks.


Look under the sea

For my little red lobster.

I’m here with butter.


Rain falls like darkness

and I love to play at night.

Where’s the night owls?


A beautiful face

can’t hide a disgusting soul.

Makeup can’t hide that.


I do need to be

who I was destined to be.

That you have to see.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dr. Strange

Marvel Studios has been an unstoppable juggernaut with their films in recent years with countless hits such as Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, and Iron Man. Now it’s time for a fresh face to enter the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” and that face is Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Dr. Strange. A character that’s known just as much as Black Panther and appeals to a certain fan base. In this case, people who are a fan of the supernatural or mystical arts which is ironic considering the doctor’s origin as a man of science and medicine. Allow me to explain his origin for those who know virtually nothing about the character.

Dr. Steven Strange is a well-known surgeon with an ego the size of his success and that’s something he has an abundance of. Because of a terrible accident that leaves him handicapped in a certain way, he waists his fortune looking for any and every way to fix himself to regain his life. Upon losing his way, he stumbles upon a secret sect of mystics whose battle with an ancient evil is ongoing. Led by the original Sorcerer Supreme or the Ancient One as they all say, takes the broken doctor in and begins to train him personally with the help of the faithful servant, Wong. Eventually, Steven learns the mystic arts and becomes the new Sorcerer Supreme when he earns the ability to use mystic items like the famous cloak of levitation and his popular Eye of Agamotto.

Dr. Strange stays true for most the story but with minor difference that separate it from the comics. For one, the casting caused some stir with fans considering the Ancient One is played by Tilda Swinton (Constantine) who is a white woman and fans couldn’t see how she landed the part. She turned out to be a great fit for the part as someone who is like the tough mother who never holds your hand through life but gives you what you need to survive. The second difference is the ancient evil and his realm which has mostly been depicted as Hell with fire and brimstone. In the film, it appears to be a purplish outer space deal which wasn’t anything appealing.

The ancient evil that runs that realm is none other than the powerful god, Dormammu. The powerful act was pulled off but unfortunately not the terrifying aspect of the character which has always been known as monster covered in fire and steel. In the film, he’s pulling off a great wizard of Oz kind of appearance which is disappointing at best. Mordo, played by Chiwetel Ejiofor (Salt, 12 Years a Slave) was portrayed accurately during the course of the film as he makes his transition. The chemistry between him and Cumberbatch was fair, it wasn’t anything that clicked well but it was good enough considering the history of the characters. The main villain of the film however was Kaecilius, a former student of the Ancient One who turned away and joined Dormammu, played by Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal, Casino Royale).

As a villain, he ranked average but he was mostly used to deliver a backstory on the Ancient One instead of trying to become the main attraction. Another average appearance was Rachel McAdams who played the love interest of Dr. Strange but her on film time was short and almost irrelevant to an extent. I’m sure though she’ll have a bigger role to play in a sequel that will no doubt be in production real soon. If you’re a fan of 3D then this film is definitely for you because the fight scenes are a theatrical roller coaster ride. There’s something during the credits to promote Thor: Ragnarok coming next year and something at the end of the credits to promote a sequel when you go yourself.

I give this film an 8 out of 10 because the story telling is great and it’s tremendously entertaining to someone looking for a good time. The reason this film isn’t a perfect ten is because of Dormammu’s appearance, no real boss fight and the non-existent love interest. If you have a problem with motion sickness then you might also have a problem watching this film when it becomes Marvel’s version of Inception. Dr. Strange is a welcomed fresh face to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it’s only going to get better with the arrival of Thor’s third film and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This will lead to the long awaited Avengers: Infinity Wars.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween poem

The Devil’s Mask
by Anthony Labson

It comes back,

every Halloween,

it comes back.

That mask that one man

made famous on a historic night.

When he tainted a beloved holiday.

Now it’s seen every day through photographs

because of greedy producers

and adored by a legion of fanatics.

A night where melted chocolate

mixed with the blood of a girl

when the last thing she saw, was it.

A mask meant to amuse but met with

curiosity which turned into the theme of Halloween.

Eyes that could burn angels opened for the first time.

A smile that showed no joy

even as he moved closer to her,

taking all the joy from the world in each step.

A face meant to meet laughter

but in suspense only heard terrifying silence

when he raised that knife over his head.

One stab to the left shoulder, another stab in the back

and one more stab to the side of her belly.

The final one met her heart under her breast.

That moment became a fixed point in time

where proof of good and evil was presented.

No corruption, no influence, just evil.

Lucifer was released on Halloween

and his costume was a child destined, to wear his mask.  

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Breast Cancer

What’s Worth Kneeling For?
Anthony Labson

I’m full of pride.
I can’t run from a fight 
and I won’t shame my name.
I’ll stand ready to die.

I don’t flinch for a blade
and I don’t fear the sound of a bullet.
A knife is just a tool for use or trade
and a gun is nothing without a digit. 

I’ve fought enemies
and I’ve even fought a friend.
The fighting never reached its end
and I would think at times I had an injury.
I’ve never really had a reason to fight
but I never could back down.
Now more than ever all I can wear is a frown
because my love is fading from my sight. 
She is the best of me
but we didn’t catch her disease in time.
The other life in her heart is mine
So if she goes then I’ll cease to be. 
If finally bending my knees saves her
then I do it proudly with no dishonor.
My life without her would just be horror.
I never thought my greatest enemy would be cancer.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

We’re now almost a week into Destiny: Rise of Iron and after months of speculation and anticipation, it felt more like rise of bronze. The final expansion follows the acclaimed The Taken King and what could have been a grand exit turns out to be just another Lord of Wolves. While there is new gear and higher light levels to keep experienced gamers active, it’s really just new goals while using same tactics. While the campaign was good and fresh, it’s too short to even be sweet. If you haven’t played any part of Destiny then here’s a quick rundown of what you’ve been missing and it’s a lot.

Destiny is a game created by Bungie and starts off on Earth after it’s become a battlefield because of several factions known as The Fallen and The Hive. As one of three select classes, you go on missions that take you to the Moon, Venus, Mars and recently Saturn to fight even bigger threats. You're accompanied by a floating little eye known as a ghost that is the responsible for maintaining all the knowledge you may need and summoning your ship or sparrow. After three years and several expansions, Bungie has clearly separated itself from its popular Halo franchise that it created for Microsoft years ago.
It’s quickly rose to rival the other first person shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield with its incentive to keep players involved and not just with multiplayer. Destiny has found a way to keep players playing by giving random pieces of armor, light level weapons and various other items. The most attractive part of this game is a co-op mission known as Raids that serves as the closing point of an expansion and the most difficult boss level.

This expansion begins with a prelude about the last Iron Lord, Lord Saladin and how he came to be the last of his clan. A secret has been kept from the Vanguard and now that secret has been found by the Fallen who seek to use it for their benefit. The event forces Lord Saladin to face his demons and bring in veteran gamers to his legendary home known as the Iron Temple located on Earth. This starts you on your quest to become an Iron Lord and putting to rest the past that has haunted Lord Saladin for centuries. It all sounds like it was going to be a winner but it barely delivers after putting in several hours.

The campaign was probably one of the shortest of all the expansions any experienced gamer will be done with two hours without paying attention to the story. There's a new strike playlist available and open to players over light level 350 which provides better rewards. The best improvement the game has is when you attend public events because you get anything from Legendary marks to Legendary engrams instead of motes of light. The light level is considerable with being raised to 385 and the new gear is attractive; especially with the resurrection of the famous rocket launcher, The Gjallarhorn. The what happens now is what happens when the Iron Banner event arrives and we see what new gear is available.

I give this expansion a 5 out of ten because it doesn’t offer much but it does give gamers something to do to pass the time. The campaign was too short for my taste and they kept the main focus on Earth instead of going somewhere new like another planet. Nothing is new with the bounties but there is one new bounty to look for and the new gear is cool and powerful. Gamers new to the franchise may love it but experienced gamers might be disappointed but at least it’s something to do until the new game comes out. Destiny 2 will be arriving next year and it’ll be interesting to see what will happen after everything is done with this final expansion.   

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Twin Magic

Twin Magic
by Anthony Labson

Two miracles for a wonderful woman.
Two carriers of a father’s name.
Two reasons why their lives are rich.
Two laughs to make them smile.
Twice the value of those moments.

They will walk together,
They will speak together,
They will learn together,
and they will be happy.

Every moment will be shared equally.

Playing catch with their father will be a triangle.
They will be wearing matching towels for capes.
One will play the sheriff and the other the astronaut.
They will never be separated in the schools and whatever happens.
They will already have the best advantage in life.

They will always have each other’s backs.
They will know the blessing of brotherhood.
The only bond that will be stronger than them
will be the bond between them and their parents.

Before they were born, the parents were in love.
Now that these miracles have come,
the parents are in paradise.
That’s the miracle of twin magic

Friday, August 5, 2016

Suicide Squad Almost Commits Itself

DC Comics and Warner Bros. Studios haven’t had a good run critically with films since the Dark Knight Trilogy. While Man of Steel was a financial success, critics everywhere have bashed and clobbered Zack Snyder’s new approach for the DC Cinematic Universe. The reasons vary from the films being “too dark” when compared to Marvel’s direction, to complaints that the films don’t reflect the correct attitudes or ideals of the characters. This year was no different with the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which succeeded financially but bombed critically. Now comes Suicide Squad, while I have to admit that it was fun to watch, it had a lot of problems that have caused the film to receive negative attention.

Suicide Squad is significant for many reasons and it was important that DC Comics had to do this right.  First it was going to be the re-introduction of arguably DC’s famous villains, The Joker who is played by Jaret Leto (Lord of War, Dallas Buyers Club), the role was previously held by Heath Ledger who unfortunately passed away after The Dark Knight. The second reason is it would finally be the introduction of the Joker’s famous assistant, Harley Quinn who is played by Margot Robbie (Wolf of Wall Street).  The film would also introduce other famous villains from DC like the assassin, Deadshot played by Will Smith (Ali, Concussion) as well as Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang. The chemistry was present in this cast but it was the story itself that carries the biggest flaws.

DC’s Suicide Squad is a famous story about a secret agency that decides to put some of the most dangerous villains to use by force in order to fight the battles normal people can’t. Created by the dangerous Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis (How to Get Away with Murder), she sends them off as a team of expendables in the name of national security. The film stays true to this aspect and Viola Davis’s performance was on point as the dark boss of the worst heroes ever. So what was the mission that called for the activation of Task Force X?

The film takes place some time now after the death of Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the world is still in mourning. Now people are scared because the world has been attacked by forces beyond their comprehension and there’s no Superman to defend them. Things get worse unfortunately when a new threat arises and Amanda Waller is authorized to use Task Force X to neutralize the threat and retrieve a valuable asset. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, the Joker arrives to throw more gasoline on the fire which only creates more chaos. It’s a non-stop action ride that keeps your attention but asks more questions than answers for people who don’t follow the comics. That’s been the biggest weight on the shoulders of the DC Cinematic Universe.

This film is a lot like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Man of Steel because it really appeals to people who know a lot about the DC Universe. If you no nothing then you’re going to be left out in the dark because there’s very little character development and not much backstory to fill in the people who are oblivious. The universal problems with this film are the main villain was weak and Jaret Leto’s performance as the Joker doesn’t hold a candle compared to Heath Ledger. The main villain felt like the antagonist in Ghostbusters, just someone that had to be there to start trouble and not much thought was put into it. For people who are seeing the film for the Joker; you’re going to be extremely disappointed more than anyone in the film.  

Jaret Leto as the Joker was an even bigger disaster than Jessie Eisenberg who was cast as Lex Luthor but I mostly blame the direction and creation of this character more than the actor. When the first images of his appearance came to light, it wasn’t a welcomed sight at first. Dressed like a gangster and covered in tattoos which is something nobody has seen before from the famous clown prince of crime. If this was an attempt to re-image the famous villain, then I’m sorry to say that this one shouldn’t been crumpled up with the rest of the bad ideas. As far as the usual charismatic and spontaneous character we’re all accustomed to, we see an approach that’s more brutal with bullets instead of cunning and creative. The only thing I can say that was a good thing was the fact that he had the least amount of film time; it makes sense because it’s mostly about Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn who was fantastic playing the psychotic and sexy femme fatale.

Will Smith as Deadshot was a great move considering he took a more demanding lead that supplied the most comic relief as well as being the bad ass of the group. I personally like to give this film a 7 but it gets 6 out of 10 because it’s a great film for DC fans who know a lot about the characters and they’re story but not for people who only know a little. I can see this movie having a great first weekend but it will drop and drop fast with the release of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and several other films coming out soon. There’s good surprises during the film and after the credits so make sure you stay a few minutes after the film. I sincerely hope DC and Warner Bros. takes everything they hear seriously because the success of the cinematic universe now falls on the shoulders of Wonder Woman and Justice League due next year, good luck.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

America is divided, the government is broken and a new rebellion is born.

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Final Orders

To everyone in the Restricted Zones,

My name is Commander Conner Bradley, former commander of the former real United States Army and this is the last letter that I’m going to make before I die. Copies will be made for every loyal man within the Restricted Zones to read so that nothing will be lost in translation and all rumors shall be laid to rest. I dedicated my life to protecting my country and I would’ve died for it, even to this day no matter how corrupt it is. When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was a protector and save lives because frankly that is the greatest honor anyone can have in his or her life. Now things aren’t as they were back when America was whole. Before the country was split in two between the rebs or rebels and the conformists or cons, before President Frank Mason.

The year 2088 was a desperate time, enemies were everywhere from Mexico to Australia now that everyone had a nuclear weapon at their disposal. The value of the American dollar wasn’t worth the paper that it was being printed on and a majority of people were fighting to stay alive while a certain few suffered little pain. That’s when Frank Mason, a senator from North Carolina rose at the perfect time and everything started to turn around. But like the rise of most dictators, he rose when people were so desperate for the bubble to be repaired, they were willing to sacrifice everything without thought or consequence. This hurts me to say because I was one of those mindless drones willing to fall if he told me to lay down.

I had been a one-star general and saw the fires surrounding my country and the only thing I wanted to do was save it. Frank Mason told me of his plans and how at the end of his two terms that he was going to do the one thing that would change everything. He succeeded, somehow the money started to circulate again and raise in value, other enemies started to become neutral or allies, and the majority who had suffered started to prosper again.

Job unemployment was at an all-time low, virtually everyone had a roof over their heads, and threats against our nation were disappearing at an incredible rate. For a short time, it was seen as a miracle and people believed that he was going to replace Lincoln as the greatest president in history. But eventually the smoke and mirrors can only hide the illusion for so long.

Clear Skies Defense Corporation. Absorbing all weapons manufacturing companies became the military’s greatest ally until it became the military in general. All military personnel, equipment and actions became the direct responsibility of the company’s owner, Peter Wesson. While it was alarming at first, thing did get better for the soldiers and the country was improving and so I stayed loyal to my oath. It would only be the first of many offenses the ‘savior’ of our country would commit and ultimately lead to what we know as The Great Division.

The one accomplishment that President Mason wouldn’t take credit for when our country was divided down the middle. Especially after he committed the greatest act of treason in my opinion and something we all should be ashamed we let happen. Despite all of his accomplishments, he still guaranteed to do something that would change everything and near the end of his second term, he succeeded.

During an emergency state of the union address, he literally shredded the constitution live on television for the entire nation to see. He spoke of how the old ways don’t work anymore and clinging on to them is what got us in such a desperate state in the first place. He spoke of how the nation had to evolve in order to survive and that he had a plan that would guarantee our nation’s survival.

I’ve lost many soldiers under my command and on that day, I wish I could join them after seeing everything that I lived for shredded apart in a mere few seconds. The balance failed to stop the check, the house and senate just rolled over and let him do what he wanted, even dropping the amendment that would deny him a third term. An election that people knew was fixed, never in American history has a president won an election with a 2 percent popularity vote.

I wanted to stage a coup d’├ętat but with law enforcement and military being monitored as they are these days, it would’ve been impossible to do anything in secret. It would surly have meant my discharge and my death along with several other commanders who felt shared my rage. How things got so bad, only the former politicians who are still alive know.

The ones who were there when he made the announcement that he was dissolving the house but keeping the Senate just to show that he cared about the voices of the people. President Frank Mason cares so much that he removed all power so now the Senate is just a play for the masses to see. Putting on a good show but in the end, proving to be useless at because the president still had opposition. Those who were brave enough, the first opposition started to protest openly even though they didn’t have the requirements and for the first time, the president got nervous.

He made the call to order all the soldiers back home and close the bases all over the world but not to join their families but to suppress the very opposition. That was the scar that I couldn’t bear, so I went to the generals that I know that I could trust and right then and there, I took off the uniforms given to us by Clear Skies and threw it down on the floor. I wasn’t a protector of the nation that I once loved, the suit that I wore when I was just a soldier was defiled and the country I grew up in was gone.

This was my belief and the belief of the other generals so they joined in and we dawned real uniforms once again. Then I took my personal Old Glory flag and it was placed over them, covering the filth that we had worn for years. April 27th 2095 would be the year that a new rebellion was born but it we made a critical error.

We underestimated how people felt about the new regime, a majority of the population believed in the president. Even with all flag being prohibited including Old Glory, the rights being restricted, and the president forming a “cabinet” comprised of the richest people in America now that they owned the military, banks, media, oil, and medicine.

I was hoping that with all the military put together, we could force the president out of power even but my worst fears arose in the form of General Thomas Cooper, a Lieutenant back then informed the president of our conspiracy. Now he stands as the commander of what we call the Union army created by Clear Skies Defenses. Thankfully soldiers loyal to us were able to keep us out of prison long enough to form a new army that the Union media labelled us as rebels.

Using the media’s own fire, we decided to build on that and in time we accomplished building a formidable army. The other generals and I were able to unite you all in the best way we could by forming the American Rebel Army or A.R.A. but in the end, another reality would keep us from full scale war. Now that President Mason saw a legitimate threat to the nation and the country scared of a new Civil War, a compromise was offered to which both sides agreed to meet to discuss the terms.
An offer that the other generals and I knew we couldn’t turn down. Certain states would be known as the Restricted Zones to everyone who is a conformist as we call them. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota would be ours to do with as we wanted.

Anyone that didn’t want anything to do with President Mason or the new United States had to be registered as an uncompliant. Trade would still be established with our states providing natural resources as long as the Union provided us with oil and other supplies. The United States would still be considered “United” but like everything else with President Mason, it’s all for show hiding nothing by lies and deception. We were skeptical but after carefully looking over the treaty, we knew it was a legit offer and the only way for peace. At first we wanted to deny it but after a moment, we gave it consideration.

The last Civil War cost too many American lives and we all being seasoned warriors; we couldn’t deal with anymore loss. Furthermore, we spent our lives protecting this nation, even with how bad it’s gotten, we couldn’t be the instrument of tearing it apart.  This was the cause of why we signed the segregation treaty on the eve of the new century that granted us the peace we’ve been enjoying… for now. As I lay here dying in Topeka, Kansas, our own national capital, this fellow soldier writes down my final words. Those words are about how much I’m sorry. I’m sorry for so much and I feel terrible that you all are the ones who will have to deal with this now.

We didn’t fight back at the right time and we didn’t go to the war that deep down, I feel is going to come. I only hope that you all can understand our motives and why we did, what we did. I like it on the record that I nominate Commander Debra Guillen as my replacement on the military council. She has always been a great leader and I know she will fulfill my position with the same fortitude as I did.

To everyone in the Restricted Zones, heed my words and stay vigilante, believe in our government based off the old ways.The Senate and House of Representatives in South Dakota that still serves as the voice of the people. The military council of the A.R.A. that protect our land and finally, please don’t lose faith in our country. I never believed in much but I did believe in the eternal pride of American patriotism and its ability to persevere even through the worst of times. May God bless and watch over you all.


Commander Conner Bradley
August 15th 2109

Sunday, July 17, 2016


After decades of waiting for The Ghostbuster franchise to return into the mainstream spotlight; the remake has finally been released despite overwhelming hatred from fans of the original. Most of the complaints about the remake mainly circulate around director Paul Feig’s decision to make it an all- female cast. Some see this as a feminist approach to the classic since that stared an all-male cast but frankly it’s a childish complaint and we’ll leave it at that. What matters here is the quality of the movie and whether it works with this new generation where more can be offered through computer enhancements. As far as the film itself goes, it’s fun to watch but it had potential to be great and doesn’t hold a candle to the classic.

I attended a 3D showing in the evening and saw the auditorium half full which isn’t a good sign for an opening weekend for a well-known franchise. I have to admit that if I didn’t see it in 3D then I probably wouldn’t have liked it as much. The special effects were cool with the ghosts popping out as well as the proton streams coming at you but it couldn’t justify the price of the admission ticket. There were plenty of laughs but virtually nothing really scary that made people want to hold on to the people next to them. Nobody left during the film which was good but there were plenty of people who were wondering what did they just see when it was over, so here’s where I start. 

Like most remakes, Ghostbusters used the same context as the original only Paul Feig built a new story around it with a cast of comedians. The top stars are Paul Feig’s favorites, Melissa McCarthy whom he also worked with in Spy and The Heat along with fellow co-star from Bridesmaids Kristen Wiig. This brings a familiar bond to the film that the audience recognizes and connects with immediately. The newcomers that complete the new team are Saturday Night Live stars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon who got the most laughs or reactions from the audience. Most dedicated fans didn’t feel the chemistry of the new team but they turned out to fit well and complemented each other throughout the film. These women did a fine job in their roles but the biggest problem in the film was the story itself.

This film does supply a healthy dose of shocks but there is little horror behind them. In the original, there were monsters that not only scared people but gave the children nightmares while this film only supplies a moment a suspense that was followed by a comedic response. It pretty much cuts the audience off from any scares they may have had. As far as the comedy goes, there’s different variations from each comedian that appeals to one or all but some were just lost on it. The weakest part of the film falls on the antagonist who was weak and boring to watch every moment he was on film.

The biggest disappointment will be when a certain creature is “chosen” to fight the paranormal super troopers that was short and bitter. I’m not even going to get into the remake of the classic theme song that was done by Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliot. I give this film 6.5 out of 10 because while it can’t be compared to the original, it still creates a new story which is rare in remakes. Paul Feig did his best to try and bring Ghostbusters back but it’s clear that his vision doesn’t work for fans of the original. This film was fair but the long-time fans of the franchise will immediately forget about this film after they see it.

Ghostbusters was crippled before it even finished production by dedicated fans who hated this remake months before it was even released. The movie trailer holds the Youtube record for most hated video and that hate is shown in lack of attendance tonight. It’s been over three decades since the last Ghostbusters film so for this to return in such a way is a disaster because I don’t see a sequel coming anytime soon. I’m sorry to everyone involved in the film because I’m sure they worked hard to give the fans what they wanted and to the dedicated fans of the franchise who were disappointed. I have a feeling you’ll have to wait longer for a Ghostbusters film you can fall in love with.

Monday, July 4, 2016

New Age Rebels Free Until Thursday

Nations rise and fall but it's the people who live in that time that decide whether a civilization becomes the phoenix or submits to the raven. This is a novel based on what one man can do when a culture gets so desperate after depending on a pattern that's done nothing but lead them to stray. With ideas so radical, he is willing to tear apart the fundamentals on which the United States was founded for his ambitions. He sells the dream for a new United States that is owned and not free but is once again strong. However the president soon finds nothing happens without resistance.

Men and women of the former United States military decide to stand against the president and his corrupt agenda. Branded as rebels by a bias media and seen as traitors by the government, they quickly assemble another army from fellow soldiers and officers. With the threat of another civil war rising, a new deal is formed that would keep the country united but only as a formality. The rebels are allowed to live in selected states and uphold the old traditions as long as obligations are met by both parties.

Everything went according to plan for a brief time and the country moved after the events of The Great Division. The country moved on while everyone in the Restricted Zones kept to themselves and moved on with their own ways. Now something threatens the peace and starts a chain of destruction that is leading the country to another civil war. Certain individuals from opposite sides realize the danger and decide to act to uncover a conspiracy. United by a common belief, they must rush to save lives and a country they both love.

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

America is Divided and a New Rebellion is Born. New Age Rebels is Free on Amazon.

Nations rise and fall but it's the people who live in that time that decide whether a civilization becomes the phoenix or submits to the raven. This is a novel based on what one man can do when a culture gets so desperate after depending on a pattern that's done nothing but lead them to stray. With ideas so radical, he is willing to tear apart the fundamentals on which the United States was founded for his ambitions. He sells the dream for a new United States that is owned and not free but is once again strong. However the president soon finds nothing happens without resistance.

Men and women of the former United States military decide to stand against the president and his corrupt agenda. Branded as rebels by a bias media and seen as traitors by the government, they quickly assemble another army from fellow soldiers and officers. With the threat of another civil war rising, a new deal is formed that would keep the country united but only as a formality. The rebels are allowed to live in selected states and uphold the old traditions as long as obligations are met by both parties.

Everything went according to plan for a brief time and the country moved after the events of The Great Division. The country moved on while everyone in the Restricted Zones kept to themselves and moved on with their own ways. Now something threatens the peace and starts a chain of destruction that is leading the country to another civil war. Certain individuals from opposite sides realize the danger and decide to act to uncover a conspiracy. United by a common belief, they must rush to save lives and a country they both love.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Poem: A Fallen Angel

A Fallen Angel
An angel is falling from the sky.
She is in a vortex, helplessly
going down a downward spiral,
screaming for help in mid air.

She looks so pure and innocent.
She is an angel, but she can’t fly.
And, as I look with a hawk’s eye, I see
her wings are broken.

I wonder why she has been sent to this realm,
a realm of my vision,
an endless forest were disruption meets oblivion
and lost souls meet renaissance.
She lands in the lake of my forest.

She is 5 foot 2 and about 130 pounds,
But, like a small stone, makes no splash,
just ripples in the water.
Yet, the impact sounds like that of an atom bomb.

I get on my stallion, the eternal mustang,
and ride to the lake where I see her
floating on her back like a flower.
I pull her out and go back to my cabin in the forest.

I put her in my bedroom
because there is no other.
I sleep in front of the fireplace
and wonder where to start.

The next day, she wakes up,
and I come in with breakfast.
She is startled, but I calm her down.
I tell her that I am a friend.

“I am one who cares for all.
I give comfort and shelter to those in need.
You may simple call me friend
because that’s all I’ll ever be.”
She eats the eggs I’ve made for her and
drinks the water that I’ve purified.

After a while, I finally ask her,
“Angel, why did you fall from the sky?”

She says, “I lost my way.
I just got bored with eternity,
so I wanted to leave.
I got my wish, and now I have nothing.
That’s why I guess I’m here,
to be forgotten.”

I say to her, “He doesn’t forget, and he does forgive.
Somebody so beautiful should express happiness, not fear.
In time, you will learn to smile again
and never again feel sorrow.”

With her wings wrapped and her body healed,
she begins to live with me here in the forest.
We take walks in the morning to see the sunrise and
have dinners in the front window of the cabin to see the sunset.

I cook her all my favorite recipes
from lasagna to baked ziti.
But when we get to the desert --
freshly made cherry pie -- her favorite.

Weeks after her arrival, she asks me,
“Why are you here?”

I tell her the truth.
“I was once lost like you were.
I fell just as you did, but found my way.
But unlike me, you still have a choice.” 

She asks, “What kind of choice?”
I say, “You’ll know it when you feel it.”
She gets confused, but, months later,
confusion turns into compassion.

Many times, she welcomed me to bed with her.
Every time I declined, not because of un-attraction.
It was just going to make it easier on me in the end
because I knew the day was approaching.

A year has passed. Her wings are healed.

She flaps them up and down
and gets herself off the floor.
I smile at her success, but she can see
my invisible frown.

The time has come, and I say, “Let’s go to the lake.”
But when we go, there is no lake,
just an open field with a ray of light in the middle.
She sees now the choice that must be made.

Leave or stay?

There is no turning back.
But, before she makes the choice,
she asks me with a heart-broken voice,
“Why did you stay?”

I say, “I wasn’t the first.
I knew I wasn’t going to be the last.
I made the choice to stay
and help other angels like you and I.”

She asks, “What if I stay with you?

Help other angels by your side?
I can’t image eternity alone.
I don’t want that to be your fate.”
I say, “That’s not your choice to make.

This realm is of my vision.
This is my eternity, and this is how I choose to spend it.
If you decide to stay, I will be the one that goes.
Either way, one of us is leaving, and it’s going to be you.”

She says, “How do you know?”

I say, “Because you’ve learned again what’s most important.
Eternity is what you make of it.

This is mine, and I do it with pride.
Now you can go and find something to take pride in.”
Angel says, “I will miss you.
You gave me back so much.”

I say, “You’re welcome.
That complement is why I do this.

Now, it’s time to fly.”
She hugs and kisses me goodbye
then slowly moving towards the light,
never taking her eyes off me.
With new wings, she heads back to paradise.

As she disappears into the light,
I say, “Lord,
your child has returned to you.
My love and wishes go with you angel.”

I turn back and head for my cabin.
My energy is now spent.
My body is weak.
My head is light as a feather.

I now go to bed and sleep
until the next is sent.

Sample from my book Madness in a Recession available now!
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