Friday, August 30, 2013


   For my readers who may not know what's going on, Syria's on-going civil war has reached a new level today with accusations of the use of chemical weapons that was used to kill people slowly and painfully. Why should we care? First off, it's inhumane and unpredictable. Unleashing a cloud that can cause mass death and carried by wind and contact is just as destructive as dropping a nuclear bomb. The second reason is they the government allegedly used these chemical weapons on their own people, if a government has that lack of care for it's own people than how can we expect them to care about how they affect the rest of the world?
   We all inhabit this world and we have to face facts, what happens in one part of the world will some how affect us. It may be on a low scale for some and a bigger one for others. I understand the situation that we can't get involved with an internal conflict but in the end there has to be a breaking point and using chemical weapons against defenseless people is unacceptable. Now America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and France want to strike against the Syrian government while the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and Germany have decided not to get involved. So the question is what should we do about this situation?
    It's a very complex situation and the last thing anyone wants to do is start World War 3. This debate is a double edged sword because no matter what side you touch, you're going to get cut. This is the same debate we've faced with Darfur and Rwanda because when do respond to our responsibility as human beings? I get it, we can't impose our ways of life on other cultures and I agree with that but at the same time. Do you really want a culture around that believes it's ok to commit genocide, treat people like commodes, and run around with no order or sense of responsibility?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crisis for Cyrus.

   After watching the MTV Video Music Awards, I have to say it was quite entertaining. Sure all the boy bands and heart throbs were the winners of the night and the sweet hearts took the gold but the performances were the real show. The best one of the night has to go to Justin Timberlake just considering time, song variation and even bringing back good old memories with his old group, Nsync. Lady Gaga also deserves much credit between song variation and costume changes but of course all people can talk about is the worst one with Miley Cyrus. I agree it was the least successful performance of the night but does she really deserve all this criticism?
   For those who don't follow, Miley Cyrus performed her single "We Can't Stop" at the VMAs and while the singing was acceptable, people found her attitude and performance unacceptable. She flashed a lot of tongue, she stripped down into a tight outfit that appeared to be strangling her body parts and then dancing rather raunchy at the show. The climax of the outrage came when she bent over and danced up against fellow performer Robin Thicke or as it's called "Twerking." Do I think this was inappropriate, not really for two simple reasons. The first reason is MTV is not a family friendly show and Miley Cyrus doesn't work for Disney anymore.
   The second reason is Miley Cryus is a grown woman and it seems to me all this performance was is an attempt to break away from her child-like image. She's a young adult now and she's going to make mistakes as everyone does growing up, the only reason it's a big deal in this case is that children grew up watching her so there's added responsibilities. I understand that's not what parents want Miley Cyrus to do but in the end she ultimately has to do what she feels is right and if the parents don't like it then they need to tell their kids not to watch her anymore. Nobody should have to put on a facade just to fullfill other people's desires, if Miley Cyrus thinks she did the right thing then that's it. She's got to be who she wants to be and if anyone objects than I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter to her.
   Everyone has they're bad moments, Britney Spears bombed as well when she performed once at a VMA, Justin Beiber is constantly having his bad moments and Lindsey Lohan is now starting to come around hopefully. It's all the same stuff over and over again especially with former Disney stars. I'm not saying blame Disney but I am saying stop expecting people to stay the same way all the time. Part of growing up is to try new things and if it doesn't work and you make a mistake then learn from it. Hopefully Miley will learn from this because she is still growing up and because of her past she is taking unnecessary ridicule.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cover photo for my next ebook.

Here's the cover photo for next ebook. A short story about one of history's most famous serial killers. Coming soon. Let me know what you think.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck is Batman.

   It's been confirmed that Ben Affleck will be the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel. Unfortunately, the comic book nerds are pissed off and the main reason for some reason is his role from the Marvel meltdown Daredevil. For those who don't follow or have a life, Daredevil is a blind vigilante who took up his arms against evil much like Batman when he lost his father to street violence. Only real difference besides the blind part is Daredevil isn't rich, during the day he's a lawyer by the name of Matt Murdock. The movie was a bomb and that's the main reason fans are irate over the selection.
   This is nothing more than a sad case of Bale on the brain by fans of the Batman franchise. When someone like Christan Bale plays a role so well it's just so hard to see someone else playing that role. It's like Rodger Moore playing James Bond after Sean Connery all over again only this time it's with an American icon instead of a British spy. Let's not forget that Daredevil was a long time ago  and since then Ben Affleck has grown to become an award winning actor and director, something Mr. Bale doesn't have. I'm a Superman fan and I have to say it's sad that I'm giving Affleck more of a chance than dedicated Batman fans.
   The Warner Bros flop Batman and Robin is still considered one of the worst superhero movies ever right next to Steel and Catwoman so how can Affleck do worse with successful director Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan at the helm? I ask tonight that the people please wait to see what Affleck will at least look in the suit. We know nothing of the plot or who is the main villain if not Batman or Lex Luthor. So as I close this entry I would like to stand proud and say congratulations to Ben Affleck and I hope he does a good job with this version of Batman. I anxiously hope it starts a chain that will lead to the much anticipated Justice League movie.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Wall is available for free on Amazon!

There is a secret society known to many as The Wall. For some, people who are working behind the scenes to maintain order when the law fails those that depend on the system for security. To others, a ruthless group of vigilantes that are taking the laws into their hands and destroying the very image of Justice. A eager reporter gains the opportunity to interview a leader of a Wall cell and during the interview, he listens to tales of members that are seperate but come together for a disturbing conclusion. In a country where not everyone can get justice because of reasons outside of their control, there is a place to go.

When criminals break the laws and are freed on technicalities and cracks in the system, they soon find that there are no technicalities or no cracks when they face The Wall. Nobody can hide behind a flawed system that protects the rights of those who don't deserve them. The guilty may appear innocent but with resources provided by unknown sources, they all break when they go head on with a society of vigilantes. When the system that's meant to protect the people it serves fails them, how do criminals not expect the people to fight back?

This is my first screenplay that I've written because I like to test my skills and take them to a new level. Everyone loves a person who works outside the lines but let us see how the world reacts when it's a whole society. Could we handle the possibility that there are people who forget about "systems" and "rights" for the "greater good?" Is it worth the risk of falling down the "slippery slope" that we are afraid is going to happen? Buy this ebook and decide for yourself and thank you for your time, until the next is written.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Egypt, Young, Aliens, and the L.A. Kiss.

   This week has been nothing short of incredible with all the wild news with some being heartbreaking, others terrifying, and some that you just don't know how to feel about. First we have to start with what I must consider the most important news and that's Egypt. This country can't get a break with removing leaders and civil unrest. This week alone has claimed the lives of over 700 people and more violence is to be expected later in the week. Over 700 individuals fighting for what they believe in are now dead all because they believe an injustice was committed.
   Now whatever you believe is up to you and I'm not writing to dispute it but what I would like to say is that there should be no reason over 700 people should be dead over a dispute. This is going to end up like Syria all over again and could possibly be worse. I don't know all the facts so I don't really know whose right or wrong but I would like people to please pray for those whom were lost this week. I hope peace and a compromise can be found between both parties because there has been too much death as is. Egypt is one of the most historic countries on the planet and it's terrifying to see such a place fall into Civil War.
   Over here in America, a lot has happened that has shaken grounds and turned heads such as Darren Young. Darren Young is an up and coming rising star in the professional wrestling industry and has officially become the first openly gay man in wrestling. This is huge because of the impact it will have on the industry, while Young's peers seem to be showing support, ultimately it's going to be the fans that really matter. I like to personally congratulate Darren Young for his courage and hope that this doesn't negatively affect his career. Speaking of shaken up the industry, the rock and roll band KISS is bring an arena football team to the Arena Football League, The L.A. Kiss.
   KISS will be bringing L.A. what it's wanted for a long time and that's a football team but the only problem, its for a second rate football league. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley bought and are naming a football team after the famous band. The reaction seems to be mix with L.A. happy to have a football team but the other have want that team to be where the big boys play. Overall, this seems to be a legit attempt to bring attention to the L.A. area and hopefully, The L.A. KISS will be something we hear of later next year.
   Finally, UFO nuts are rejoicing over the recent announcement that the Central Intelligence Agency has acknowledged and revealed the location of the famous, Area 51. The area where we are suppose to be keeping aliens and flying saucers but in the end it seems to be just a base. Some have said that this is a publicity stunt put in place to hid the public from the real Area 51. Others believe that the only reason they revealed it was because they moved everything to a new secret base, maybe Area 52? Whatever you believe, the base does exists and people who believe in UFOs have a reason to restore their hope.
   Personally, I'll believe it when it actually happens. This week has been full of milestones for several reasons. A country is on the verge of Civil War and more innocent lives are going to be caught in the crossfire. A young man took a risk and because the first openly gay wrestler in a sport that has never come across this sensitive subject. Los Angeles is finally getting a football team and an old American myth is finally coming to light. This has truly been an historic week and once again I like all my reader to please pray for Egypt and hope that a resolution comes to the table.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Poetry from my ebook, Madness in a Recession on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

The Greatest Pleasure

After years of sleeping

in a box of metal and stone,

I’m free.

Free to indulge in pleasures.

but there is only one pleasure I want.


It’s the greatest pleasure of all.


Will I get a decent hot meal?

Even though it is an upgrade

from the gruel and meatless meatloaf?



Will I sleep outside under the stars?

That for me is like a blind man at an art show.

I wouldn’t know the Pegasus from the Dippers.

The only thing I would appreciate is the extra space.



What about making love to a beautiful woman?

To have my hands on a pair of firm breasts

and be between the smoothest thighs a woman can have.

To be squeezed by them as I dance between them.


Oh, that is indeed a great pleasure,

but not the one I speak of.

The illusions in prison quenched my thirst for lust.

This is not the pleasure I speak of.


The pleasure I speak of

is the only way I could get to a hot meal,

or sleep outside under the stars,

or find the love of a beautiful woman.


The greatest pleasure of all is this.

Now that I am released,

I will go to a motel and get a room.

Then, for the next couple of hours,


I will keep opening and closing my door.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adam Mack...The Miami Marvel

   I was surfing the Facebook web looking for ways to advertise my ebooks and I came across a great entertainer by the name of Adam Mack. A singer and performer who asked me to review his videos so this is what I have to say. Adam Mack has a very talented voice that captures the ears at the first word of any verse. He recently released a music video of his version of Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes and I have to say Zedd would've been proud of how this young talent delivered the song. With the help of friend and fellow entertainer Kevin Reynaldo, the video is worth your time if your a fan of the song or music in general.
   The music video is very simple and focuses solely on him which is what a music video should be, just about the performer. No fancy imagery or designs, just words and music is what it's all about. Adam Mack proves he's a Miami Marvel with his work and I sincerely hope that this young man keeps following his dream. This isn't his first video, all can be found on his website, twitter account and on his facebook page. I will definitely be rooting for this man's breakthrough because he does have the "it" factor and just needs that one spark.
   If anyone is interested in my review, Adam Mack has his own page on Facebook and has other videos on YouTube. If anyone needs a good director or producer then the same can be said about Kevin Reynaldo. Both deserve a job well done and again I want to wish them both the best in all of their futures. I hope we can all meet again in the near future. Until the next is written.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Murder for A Murder: September 11th 2026 is available for free on Amazon.

Here is the description!

A day of remembrance turns into a dark déjà vu as once again there is a terrorist attack on the silver anniversary of September 11th. A group of civilians, including the Mayor of New York are being held hostage. Threatened by a group of terrorists that have been plotting the attack for years with deadly intentions in mind. Being held for a ransom, the President of the United States will be forced to make a choice. Will he give in to the demands of a murderer or do something so radical, it would change the very image of what America stands for.

The events of this date will bring back feelings from the first 9/11 attacks like anger and sorrow as well as desires for revenge and retribution. But will the United States repeat history and once again restart a circle of chaos or will the actions of the president change the course of history. How will the world respond to these actions and most importantly, will it strengthen or weaken the nation he’s sworn to protect? Who will rise with the sun on September 12th when the deadline is met? Policies will be challenged, people will be conflicted, and a nation will remember that terrorism only needs a time, a place, and the most important thing of all…casualties.

This is my first prose ebook to help start a long and hopefully successful career. I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this story as I have creating it. It's always fascinating to wonder "what if" in the case of historical events and it's my wish that this book reminds people the most important truth we learn, especially here in the United States. Freedom isn't free. If you purchase this ebook I would like to give an early thank you and I hope you enjoy my other works, until the next is written.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sony 4K Ultra Televsion

   When I was little I remember when 32 inch televisions were the best thing to have. My father needed my help as well as my uncle and neighbor. Four guys to lift this giant anvil of a machine. As I grew up I saw the evolution of televisions as they started to come out of the wood work. At the risk of sounding old, what televisions can come to today is beyond what was once seen in science fiction. I went television shopping recently and what this Sony has come up with is nothing short of absolute scary.
   I have a 42 inch Vizio that I saved up for 7 months to get because I love 3D and feeling like you're in the TV is a big plus. But I heard about Sony's newest invention, the 4K ultra television and I was immediately drawn like a child to candy. I went to the Aventura Mall in Aventra, Florida and headed straight for the Sony store. All I can say that I was taken for a loop and felt that I was pushed forward through time. Sony has really pushed the envelope when it comes to quality and resolution of motion pictures.
   Nothing short of 42 inches, and the television is as slim as a sheet of paper but it's 10x more powerful than my Vizio. Built in wifi and sound system but the resolution is incredible. I seriously thought that I was inside the movie with Harry Potter and the rest of the gang. The sound was crisp and so sharp you can hear the rain as if it were right outside your house. Speaking of sound, I know that when something sounds so good, there's usually a catch. Well in this case unfortunately there is, a financial catch because with new technology comes big wallets.
   Even with financing, the cheapest one is $2999 and that's not even including taxes. Being an independent writer and full time stock clerk, my budget won't permit that. Hopefully some day I will be able to afford something like that and God willing I hope to see that day. It's amazing how far televisions have come in such a short time. My father would tell me of how there were only 10 stations on the television and I can't wait to find out what I'm going to tell my son.

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Problem with Education.

   Education has many definitions and several purposes but the main responsibility is simple. To prepare the students who attend the institution for a world that will either be kind or cruel to them. This institution is filled with dedicated teachers and staff to ensure the students are safe and learning at an acceptable capacity. That the materials they need are adequate and sufficient to learn and keep up with daily requirements. So what's the problem, it all costs money and that's why students are suffering and some panic to the point where they just quit and drop out because of the pressure.
   Somewhere along the line, schools forgot about education and cared more about running a business and that's why for students to get a quality education, they need to pay through the nose to get it. That's part of the problem with this system. If a student legitimately wants to learn and wants to reach their maximum potential then it's the school's responsibility to make sure that student reaches his or hers potential. Teachers should not be threatening to go on strike because they're not getting paid enough and having to work endless hours teaching kids how to pass a test instead of passing life. Programs that expand students minds shouldn't be cut just to save programs that "expose" the schools.
   If you have a dropout rate of 50% of students then what's there to expose other than empty classrooms. It's bad enough education isn't respected as much as it is but you have to insult the purpose by saving programs that have nothing to do with education, just entertainment. The students reflect the schools and the problem is we have the schools but the students are showing up. It's not just the public schools that I'm speaking of but the private schools and institutions as well. Students shouldn't be denied entry simply because they don't have the money or the right pedigree.
   Schools that do this aren't in turn living up to their potential. Why should education cost so much and why are so many barriers put into place to deny students? Students who hear of a place that can help them learn, but because they come from a different class or they just don't "qualify" they are left in the cold. If a person wants to learn from any institution, then that should be it and no questions asked. Money can be financed and their academic work ethic should be the only reflection of their potential.
   I don't mean any offense to those in the system, I only offer my opinion that schools need to be about education and not budgets. Students shouldn't be denied a fair chance at life for any reason and teachers shouldn't be tossed around like expendable commodities. Now I don't know what's going on behind the scenes and I'm not a politician so I won't imply on how education should be handled but I will ask one question to anyone who will listen. Why should students want an education when all we show them is they just have to learn how to handle a ball or to learn how to entertain? Just food for thought.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Which do you want?

This is a world in which you can either have freedoms and sacrifice order. Or you can have order and sacrifice freedoms. Which side of the coin would you like to call?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Merlin Show! For free today on Amazon!

     A year ago, I started to try one more time and run for my dream in being a successful author. Today I'm working on my 4th ebook which will be made available for free and soon, I'm going to start branching out of Amazon and start putting my work on the Nook. I'm very proud of my work to day even though they haven't sold much but like I said, it's only been a year so I'm hopeful. Now I release upon the world my first short play, The Merlin Show. A parody of modern day talk shows mixed with a legendary tale.
    If there's 2 things people like to watch for entertainment it's parodies and talk shows so I figured, why not combine them to make a short funny play. What better tale to help bring this to life than the tale of King Arthur? Think about it, a child from a king who manipulated a woman, who then rises to be king himself and marry a woman who would only cheat on him with his best friend. To make matters worse he would be manipulated into having intercouse with his half-sister and they would have a child of incest. If that doesn't sound like something that would make a great talk show topic then I don't know what does.
      With the hardest working wizard in talk shows with his trusty troll by his side, The Merlin Show is something good to read if you're looking for a break. A short and sweet piece for you to pick up, laugh and finish to put you in a better mood and enjoy your day. It'll be out sometime next month and I'll be sure to mention it. Until then, until the next is written.

This ebook is available till midnight today on Amazon. Get it now before your too late and if you don't then you have no idea what comedy is.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

Alex Rodriguez is a moron!

   I'm going to be honest and say that I don't follow baseball much but I do know who A-Rod is and I have to say, thoroughly disappointed. Like Lance Armstrong, this guy had the world at his feet and fame all around him. Now it's all going down the drain because of a stupid decision to take performance enhancement drugs. This may come off strong but then again, I really don't have much respect for someone who had the world in his hands and let it slip through his fingers. In equal stance I'm pretty sure A-Rod could care less about my opinion so I'm going to give it anyway.
   This is a man who made over 130 thousand dollars a game! People would ask why would someone make such a poor decision and here's my answer. Lust for more money and power even though this man has more than enough to spend over another lifetime. Now I can understand the pro A-Rod supporters when they say, "Everyone is on some kind of performance enhancing drugs and they're just making an example out of him." Possibly true but in the end of the day, that doesn't make it right and to let the richest player in the MLB get away with it would be a disaster to the MLB Commission. All must be held accountable, even A-Rod.
   Now I heard it's only for 211 games which basically means 2 baseball seasons and that doesn't seem like a lot but in the life of professional sports star, it means everything. Michael Vick was a professional football player that spent 2 years in prison for illegal dogfighting and when he came back into the game, it was clear that his day had already gone. The life of a sports player is very short because while they may play for 10 years or more, in the end it's a blink of a eye. Whether A-Rod will suffer the same fate as Vick, that remains to be seen but it's very clear that A-Rod will never see the Hall of Fame. For all of his accomplishments, A-Rod will forever be called a cheater, not a hall of famer.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

NFL 2013 Begins!

   Growing up I always heard that baseball was America's favorite pass time. Today I have to say, I'm not so sure. Back in the great days of Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb, I could understand but there's something about American football today that I believe makes it America's new pass time. It seems that when that time of the year starts, the universe slows down and everything pauses for several reasons. It's too short, billions are spent on it, and there are so many superstars in the game that draw a crowd.
   The NFL isn't like the NBA or MLB where they're are over 100 games because in the National Football League, there are less than 30 games. Four Preseason games, 17 Season games, and additional games leading up to the Superbowl. In a way it's the quickest sport in the United States because once it's over, people are already missing it after February which is when the Superbowl traditionally is. From a business point of view it's smart because when you make people miss something they love, they do anything to move time faster. People empty their wallets every year over football and that's the next reason for my thesis.
   NFL owners spend millions of dollars bringing in new players, building new stadiums, and making new merchandise for fans to own and support their local or favorite team. Television networks are always bidding and working on maintaining the rights to show the games. Beer venders and supermarkets make millions off fans preparing for football get together whether it's over a friends house of tailgating which is when fans gather outside the stadium and watch outside. It's the only time of year were money is passed around just as much as Christmas shoppers on black friday. Owners are spending millions, if not billions of dollars and they do see a return through their superstar they draft or sign.
   People will pay to see superstars such as Tom Brady and Eli Manning because they are the key players that make or break a franchise. Fans buy their jerseys and anything they have their signatures on. These are the guys that inspire our children to be great themselves and again, these aren't the only guys. It's not like Boxing who may have one or two great boxers that everyone wants to see, like the NBA, the NFL have a superstar on every team that inspires not only the team but the community. If you could find me someone in the United States who doesn't know who Dan Marino was, I find you someone whose been living under  a rock.
   If you disagree with me then that's fine but this is my honest opinion and that's American football is the new pass time for this country. I work full time in a supermarket and from what I've seen, more people care more about football and are willing to spend the money when it's that time of year. I don't see people rushing to the store during the World Series and I don't see people buying ice for the NBA Finals. I would love a survey to be done to let the people decide if I'm right or wrong. Who do you think would win the title of "America's Favorite Pass Time?"

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Quote from Keith Richards

"The trick to immortality is not how to live forever but to live with what you've done and accepting how others will judge your labors."