Thursday, July 31, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy is no doubt the last great hit of the summer with an awesome performance by Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Dave Bautista, Zoe Saldana, and Chirs Pratt. When I first heard about this, I honestly didn't pay this any attention because I knew nothing about the group. I was introduced to them through the television series Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes then I was hooked because I loved the characters Groot and Raccoon Rocket. After I saw them, I thought they were good side characters but I never thought they would have their own movie.
    But tonight, I was proven wrong and this turned out to be their biggest movie right next to X-Men: Days of Future's Past. The film had everything from drama, action and tons of comedy, mostly because of Chris Pratt who plays Starlord, the leader of the Guardians. Everything starts with Star Lord's past when he was called by his Earth name, Peter Quill. After a tragic loss, he's abducted and spends most of his youth in space and working for a group of thieves then later comes into contact with an artifact. After retrieving it, a huge bounty is placed on his head and that reaches the ears of the rest of his soon to be allies and future foe.
    When united with a common goal, the gang travels across space to reach their destination and avoid capture from galactic enforcement and the main nemesis, Ronan. Ronan is a former accuser of the Kree Empire whom isn't pleased his people signed a piece treaty with their enemy, Xandar, a planet protected by Nova Prime the galactic law enforcement. So he decides to go after Starlord to retrieve the artifact for the powerful Titan known as Thanos and in return, Thanos would destroy Xandar. This will be the first time that the fans will get to see Thanos in all of his glory and you definitely don't want to go to the restroom during that moment.
    Josh Brolin first appears as Thanos and let me tell you, everyone cheered at the sight of the famous villian. As the movie goes on, more is revealed about the artifact that makes the group realize that there are bigger things in the galaxy besides themselves and their own selfish desires. Only when certain death is near do they finally come together and fight back in defense of Xandar and their reputation is established. Marvel had so much faith in this movie, they announced the sequel before finding out if it was a bomb or not. This goes to show that when it's backed by Disney, satisfaction is practically guaranteed.
    People like me who know nothing about this movie will enjoy it and for those that know a lot, I can't say the same because you know more than me. From a fresh point of view, this movie will make millions easily and a sequel will definitely be coming. Also yes there is something at the end of the credits but nothing during so feel free to take a pee break if you have too. A solid 10 out of 10 for this movie but for those wondering about the 3D, not worth the extra money. It's almost bittersweet because we won't see anything Marvel again until Ant Man in July of 2015 and Avengers: Age of Ultron a month later but Marvel has ended this year on a high note. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hercules and Hollywood Don't Mix

    I recently saw Hercules staring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and to get to the point, it was a good movie. It could've been better but when comparing it to past Hercules movies, this was the best out of all of them. For those that know me know I'm not a big Brett Ratner fan, I think the only movie that I enjoyed his work in was Tower Heist and Family Man. His movies are generally a hit or miss and this one wasn't a hit on the bullseye but it at least landed on the target which is what most Hercules films haven't done. For those that haven't seen or know what the movie is about, I'll give you a quick run down.
    The movie starts with Hercules becoming a shell of a former hero after the death of his family and in his depression, he finds a meaning to become that hero once again. After enduring his legendary labors, Hercules becomes a warrior for hire and is hired by a king to aid him in his war against a bloodthirsty nemesis. On this journey, he encounters many mythological creatures that gets the audience excited and keeps them in their seats. Overall, it was a good action summer movie much like Transformers: Age of Extinction and The Rock puts on one hell of a performance as the famous hero.
    Hercules has been an admired name for centuries and many have answered the call to portray the figure but when it comes to live action, there is a jinx. In the 1960s famous body builders Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger have tried and while they fit the physical requirement, the films themselves were just terrible. Kevin Sorbo did a decent job in the famous Hercules: The Legendary Journey back in the 1990s but let's be honest, he looked nothing like you would expect a son of Zeus to be. Earlier this year The Legend of Hercules came out and to say it bombed would be putting it nicely.
    That movie is probably rated the worst movie related to Hercules to date so when I heard about this version, I knew it was going to be an improvement. This is the first Hercules movie where physical requirements and good story meet but if there's one problem people may have a problem with. It's the accuracy in the Greek Mythology, I'm not an expert but I'm sure there is one or two mishaps in the film. However, I categorize this as an action film so I give it some slack. This is a good movie to go and enjoy if you're looking for something to do and want to be entertained.
    This movie gets a 7 out of 10 because The Rock gave a fantastic performance and while the story seemed too simplistic and obvious, it was executed well. I'm not a well known critic so I know it won't mean much but Brett Ratner did a good job with this film. Will there be a sequel? I have no clue but sadly like most of Hercules movies, it there is it may not go far. Lou Ferrigno's Hercules only made it to a sequel and this film didn't even make it to the number one spot it's opening week. It was beaten by Scarlett Johansson's in Lucy, so that definitely hurt it's chances. We'll have to see if it makes enough money to warrant a sequel.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Personal Belief

The greatest trick human beings ever pulled is convincing themselves that they were in control.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Felt So Bad For This Man

Anthony Labson

All society has every preached
is do the right thing
and always follow the rules
to have a wonderful life.


My family did this to me.
They said that they loved me
and they knew what was best for me
so I never questioned their judgment.


My teachers thought they were guiding me.
That they showed me how to succeed
but all they did was make sure moved with the cattle
and made sure to keep applying for financial aid.


Where is God in all of this?
I read the books, I studied the songs
and I kept to the traditions and yet
I suffer only because he loves me so much?


All I ever did was what I was told to do
and I never did anything wrong and for what?!
To be in so much debt that I’m stuck with my parents
and can’t afford a fast food meal?

No pride, no self-respect and no hope.
Everyone did this to me
so why are they so happy
while I’m here suffering because of them?

Monday, July 21, 2014

For Poetry Lovers

My book Madness in a Recession is currently available for all Kindle users. This is a steal, plain and simple so get your copy now or you don't deserve to read these words. Enjoy and until the next is written.

Madness in a Recession

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Stay Positive Everyone

Staying Positive
Anthony Labson

Give me a mop and floor cleaner.
Then leave after showing me a dirty floor.
I’ll pretend it’s a guitar and I’m a singer
while I’m performing a much desired encore.

Throw out your boxes and your trash.
I will take it and make it my treasure.
I should thank you for wasting cash
because taking free stuff is always a pleasure.

Take away my house,
I’ll only be rid of another bill.
The only thing I’ll feel sorry for is the mouse
and I’m not afraid of the winter chill.

So I can’t afford fancy dinners and expensive dates.
Spending money doesn’t define my character.
Women who only date for money, I hate
and they should all be thrown in a wood chipper.

I may live a life that others may pity
but I pity you in the long run.
I am use to having nothing and being happy
while you need everything or reach for a gun.

My life isn’t blessed or easy
but there’s no reason for the easy way out.
I’m happy with being alive and healthy
and I hope one day you’ll figure that out.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Twin Magic

Twin Magic
by Anthony Labson

Two miracles for a wonderful woman.
Two carriers of a father’s name.
Two reasons why their lives are rich.
Two laughs to make them smile.
Twice the value of those moments.

They will walk together,
They will speak together,
They will learn together,
and they will be happy.

Every moment will be shared equally.

Playing catch with their father will be a triangle.
They will be wearing matching towels for capes.
One will play the sheriff and the other the astronaut.
They will never be separated in the schools and whatever happens.
They will already have the best advantage in life.

They will always have each other’s backs.
They will know the blessing of brotherhood.
The only bond that will be stronger than them
will be the bond between them and their parents.

Before they were born, the parents were in love.
Now that these miracles have come,
the parents are in paradise.
That’s the miracle of twin magic

Monday, July 7, 2014

Truth about Love.

The love of the whole world is meaningless compared to the love of the one.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everyone. Please remember those who have and those who still continue to protect our freedoms today. God bless the USA.