Thursday, July 24, 2014

I Felt So Bad For This Man

Anthony Labson

All society has every preached
is do the right thing
and always follow the rules
to have a wonderful life.


My family did this to me.
They said that they loved me
and they knew what was best for me
so I never questioned their judgment.


My teachers thought they were guiding me.
That they showed me how to succeed
but all they did was make sure moved with the cattle
and made sure to keep applying for financial aid.


Where is God in all of this?
I read the books, I studied the songs
and I kept to the traditions and yet
I suffer only because he loves me so much?


All I ever did was what I was told to do
and I never did anything wrong and for what?!
To be in so much debt that I’m stuck with my parents
and can’t afford a fast food meal?

No pride, no self-respect and no hope.
Everyone did this to me
so why are they so happy
while I’m here suffering because of them?

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