Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tribute to Haiku

Heart is an organ,

love is what gives it purpose.

Tread wisely my friend.


Winter silence comes

bringing solitude and peace.

Let the world rejoice.


I hate waking up

and going to school, but I

love to sit by her.


Cupid’s arrows reign

reminding moments of passion.

This is my Christmas.


Leaves begin to bloom,

it’s a day of massive births.

Winds come to baptize.


Who dares not wear green?

Who wants a pinch on the rear?

Want some lucky charms?


Children leave to treat,

Adults go out to find tricks.

Whose Halloween for?


The sun rises in joy

Caressing bodies with love.

I envy the view.


Lovers kiss in bliss,

Lovers merge in ecstasy,

Thank you sweet Cupid.


Time to roast and feast,

watch the floats and stuff the birds.

Please save my drumsticks.


Look under the sea

For my little red lobster.

I’m here with butter.


Rain falls like darkness

and I love to play at night.

Where’s the night owls?


A beautiful face

can’t hide a disgusting soul.

Makeup can’t hide that.


I do need to be

who I was destined to be.

That you have to see.