Friday, May 31, 2013

Hate is so easy.

Love me for who I am and not what I can give. Love yourself for what you've done and not what you could've. Love those who are deprived of love not those who have more than enough. Let love spread like hate and hate spread like love.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tattoo that means something.

    If I had a tattoo it would be the word Peace on my right hand and War on my left. I would do that because my left arm is weaker than my right and war is the action of the weak. The stronger person will always find a way to make peace instead of killing his fellow people. I wouldn't do it in foreign writing because a word is powerful no matter what language its written in. That is the kind of tattoo that I would love to have.
    It's hard to understand what people do to themselves and realize the meaning of what they put on their skin. People with tribal tattoos and pictures of celebrities, characters and the infamous barb wire. I just don't understand why people get something that's going to last for a lifetime and will deteriate. Getting a tattoo to me is like trying to figure out what to name a new born baby, you have to give it a name that will define both it and you. That's how important getting a tattoo is.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hangover Part 3 Review

      The supposed "final" episode of the Hangover franchise was released this weekend and I have to say, I was a little disappointed overall with the final film. While the film did provide a good story and moments of laughter, those moments were few and far between. For those who may not be familar with the franchise, The Hangover is a about a group of friends who get drugged in Vegas and started a chain of events that would lead to characters development and a sequel to Bangkok. This film ties everything in from the first film up to the last minutes of the last film.
       In this film the abnormal Alan played by Zach Galifianakis, hits a new level of insanity and it has apparently taken it's toll on his family and friends. So after agreeing to seek help the wolfpack set off to Arizona but is immediately taken down and sent on a rollercoaster ride of chaos thanks to the actions of a familiar friend, Leslie Chow. Thanks to the actions of the escaped international criminal, Doug is take hostage by a mob boss played by John Goodman and is willing to exchange him for Chow. Now the Wolfpack must travel fast to capture Chow and somehow save Alan's brother in law before it's too late to save Doug and themselves from one man's violent rampage. If you want to know more than you'll have to go and see the movie yourself.
       Now I was a fan of the last two movies so my expectations were high but I also would like to point out the movies rule of three. One of them has to be bad and very rarely are they all good and for me, this was the bad one. I would have to give this movie 6 out of 10 rating because even though there was character development and a plot, for being a comedy I just wasn't laughing as much as I was in the previous films. I sincerely hope anyone who goes and sees it has a good time and enjoys it but I will ask that you don't make the same mistake I did and expect much. I will offer one spoiler, the biggest laugh I got out of the movie was after the credits, shhhh!
        Enjoy the movie and hopefully we will be seeing more Hangover films becuase this is a good franchise. But I think as far as the wolfpack is concerned, it's probably good that it ends now so we can introduce fresher faces and bigger laughs. Until the next is written.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sample from my ebook, "Madness in a Recession"

Show me Love

You give us shows about

“True Love”

by giving a guy and girl

a few weeks to choose

who they’d love to make out with.


That is not love.

Love doesn’t take a few weeks to work

unless it’s something you read or

watch in a movie.


Then you show me

the lives of celebrities.

Their marriages don’t last

as is, but when they get on television,

the process just speeds up.


You want to give me a show on

“True Love,”

here’s how you do it.

Give me a reality show about two people

who get on each other’s nerves

every moment of the day.


Getting into arguments about work, about the house,

about life in general.

Have them ready to go nuts. If, at that point,

they still go to bed together, and they still kiss each other goodnight,

then that’s a show I would love to see on the air.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Head or Heart?

Somebody who listens to their heart sees Beauty and the Beast as a tale about a woman who looks past the monster and falls in love with the man behind the animal. Somebody who listens to their head sees it as a woman suffering the affects of Stockholm sydrome. Which do you use?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Revealed Review

   Microsoft revealed the next generation of Xbox with gaming with the newest console, Xbox One. With the Playstation 4 coming out this year and Nintendo's Wii U coming out last year, it was time for Microsoft to come out in a big entrance. From the reveal event, it's clear that the Xbox One will be coming out with a new design for the platform, controller and a new kinect sensor. After the wow factor sunk in and the glamour had worn off, the time came to check out the specs involved with the new system. Now while Microsoft has upgraded a lot of the systems, unfortunately it still lacks some improvements that Sony beats them with.
   While coming with a faster processor and improved new engine graphics, these specs will also be just as good as on the Playstation 4. While the new Xbox will be able to play blu ray which is nothing new to blu ray owners. However the one area that puts the Xbox over Playstation is the Kinect and the new system will have more improved tracking and motion detection to improve gaming. Plus with that better command controlling such as being able to vocally turn your system on and off and faster reaction to commands.
    Other features thanks to the Kinect sensor now makes it possible for you to watch a movie but if a friend calls via skype or you have to check on the internet for anything, just say skype or internet and the Xbox will switch or you can minimize your screen using hand gestures. Xbox has made it possible to virtually do anything with the need for a controller. Another perk to having the Xbox is the fact that all downloadable content will hit Xbox gamers first making Playstation owners very jealous.
    The main event came with the announcement of the games that will be coming out with the new system. With such power houses such Madden, FIFA and Call of Duty; the anticipation was well deserved with amazing designs and attention to the smallest details. During the previews for the EA sports games, the difference between previous games to the newest one coming out was clear with real life atheltic movements like RG3 outrunning the Cowboys or the reaction to UFC fighters getting punched. Plus the war like enivornments of Call of Duty gives the gamers a more realistic world than any other game before.
    The Xbox One looks to be a great impovement to it predecesor and gamers shouldn't be disappointed to pros of the console. No word yet on how much the new console will cost nor if the possibility of playing 360 games. We'll have to wait until possibly the E3 to hear an announcement but I will say that I wish Microsoft the best. Having both a Playstation and a Xbox 360 and each systems have its pros and cons that make them both equally entertaining to have. However Xbox still has it's dark cloud with the infamous Red Rings of Death which crippled xbox for a while by overheating consoles, it seems with the Xbox One we shouldn't have any problem for now.

Monday, May 20, 2013

No Love for The Joker

No Love for The Joker


Anthony Labson


What makes a Joker more of a man

Than a king?


A king has hundreds of people

that serve him, prepare his food,

clothes him, cleans him,

and gets everything he wants.


Covered with jewelry, surrounded

by stone walls and steel.

He can start wars with whomever

And take other people’s land.


The people he conquers become his slaves

and he uses glory to explain chaos.

For that his name will go into the record books

and generations will remember his name.


A king’s ambition for power and the

preservation of his legacy is his only concern

even at the expense of the people “He” serves.

A Joker doesn’t need all this.


All a joker asks for is a smile

and he is willing to get it by his own

expense if necessary.

For that, you call him a fool.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Trek Into The Darkness Review

      When Star Trek was first created, it was considered a disaster and was cancelled before it even really kicked off. But when a few reruns caught the eye of possible Trekkies, soon enough it was back on the air and would lead on to be a powerful franchise. When it comes to J.J. Abrams's version of the popular franchise, he remakes it enough for the new generation to appreciate and honor the previous with familiar catch phrases and scenes. For those who are willing to spend the money, it's also a great movie to see in 3D.
      The plot takes place a few years after the events of Nero in the first movie while Kirk is still the reckless and Spock is still conflicted between his human and Vulcan instincts. Now a new evil comes to threaten the federation and bring it into a possible foe with a classic enemy that will have Trekkies really excited. As events unfold, Kirk and Spock soon realize what must happen in order for success to happen and so their characters begin to develop unseen qualities. The main villian played by Benedict Cumberbatch was just as believable as Heath Ledger's Joker in Dark Knight, very well performed.
       Star Trek Into the Darkness followed the footsteps of Iron Man 3 being a major summer blockbuster and is full of action and drama. Whether you're a Trekkie, sci-fi fan, or just like action, this is your movie to see this weekend. This movie gets a 10 out of 10 because J.J. Abrams manages to stay true to the original plots of the previous Star Treks. It's characters development is present and just when you think you know what's going to happen, there are surprises so people who were fans of the previous ones won't be bored. This is a must see and I highly recommend it in 3D or IMAX 3D if you can afford it.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Advice for all up and coming authors who needs help.

For any aspiring authors out there, A Writer's Market 2013 is an invaluable tool that can help you out with your future and your career.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

WWE/TNA are Sports. Not Sports Entertainment.

       I know that professional wrestling is nothing more than a show for people who want to see a fight but don't want anyone to really get hurt. I know it's full of actors that portray characters some grotesque, horrify, and evil that are known as "heels." Then there are the good guys, heroes, icons and phenoms who are known as "babyfaces." Along with awesome pyro, smoke and lasers these athletes and promotions put on a show that entertains millions of people around the world and inspires people to achieve goals. So I ask this question, what separates professional wrestling from every other sport in the world?
      This sport is filled with athletes that have to keep their bodies in shape 24/7 and must maintain an ideal image. The wrestlers perform in front of live crowds and are seen all over the world and adored by millions of fans. It's a sport were athletes constantly get hurt and the only difference is, the wrestlers don't get an off season. It's even a sport where women are just as active as men and just as respected and yet one reason separates this sport from all the rest. "It's not real."
      If that's the only reason then it's a pathetic and irrelevant reason to not call professional wrestling a sport. Boxing, 2 guys that pretend to hate each other to build up hype so people can get the idea "Oh these guys really hate each other and are going to beat each other down." Mixed Martial Arts are the same boat only even more violent than Boxing. NFL, NBA, and NHL all thrive on creating rivalries between teams such as Jets/Dolphins, Heat/Celtics, and Panthers/Lightning. Sports today are so filled with the same drama as wrestling, it's safe to say all sports today are unbelievable.
     Anything that requires actual physical activity, requires constant conditioning, and unconditional commitment should, out of respect be considered a sport. All sports are meant to entertain, nobody really goes to Nascar to just see car go round and round all day, they go to see drivers maintain a lead while trying not to go head first into the wall. I've been watching sports since I was little, I wanted to be like Troy Aikman and run for a living but I made other commitments that led me to this point. I love all sports, because I'm always amazed by how far the human body can be pushed when taken to a limit. Out of respect for Professional Wrestling, I think it's time to just call it what it is, a sport.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sample from my ebook Madness in a Recession

The Greatest Pleasure

After years of sleeping

in a box of metal and stone,

I’m free.

Free to indulge in pleasures.

but there is only one pleasure I want.


It’s the greatest pleasure of all.


Will I get a decent hot meal?

Even though it is an upgrade

from the gruel and meatless meatloaf?



Will I sleep outside under the stars?

That for me is like a blind man at an art show.

I wouldn’t know the Pegasus from the Dippers.

The only thing I would appreciate is the extra space.



What about making love to a beautiful woman?

To have my hands on a pair of firm breasts

and be between the smoothest thighs a woman can have.

To be squeezed by them as I dance between them.


Oh, that is indeed a great pleasure,

but not the one I speak of.

The illusions in prison quenched my thirst for lust.

This is not the pleasure I speak of.


The pleasure I speak of

is the only way I could get to a hot meal,

or sleep outside under the stars,

or find the love of a beautiful woman.


The greatest pleasure of all is this.

Now that I am released,

I will go to a motel and get a room.

Then, for the next couple of hours,


I will keep opening and closing my door.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Food for thought.

Sometimes people should really think about what they should do instead of what they can do.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Why bother saving money?

My Savings

I’m tired of this bullshit!

It’s a never ending cycle

because no matter how much I save

something always happens that

makes me waste my savings.


Tires go bad,

I go to the hospital,

computer needs repair,

phone needs repair,

hair needs to be cut,

toenails are ingrown,

loans have to be paid,

taxes go up,

gas goes up,

flu shots,




my girlfriend’s birthday,

car battery died,

cable bills,

oil changes,

health insurance,

life insurance,

dental plan,

did I eat today?


How will I ever save money?

I’ll never know.

I feel like a horse

in medieval times.

I haul shit for miles

only to get a couple of sips

at each end of the trip.



What’s the point of trying to save money?

Just because you have it in case shit happens

doesn’t mean you actually want shit to happen.


I’m going to go out to a bar

where guys go to see skanky girls

and shove 151 right down my throat.


At least this way,

I’ll feel that I’ve accomplished something

that I’ve wanted to do for a while
with my savings.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Poem to my Mother.

Thank You

God created me with a special agenda,

and that was to give me to someone loving.

To me, it was mom but others Margherita.

I wish I saw her face on that one September morning.


I made you laugh. I made you cry.

And there were those times I drove you crazy.

For that, I’m sorry. But, in my defense, I am a guy,

and I’ve always had everything but my sanity.


You’ve watched me grow,

and become my own man.

I appreciated it when you would let me go

and try to figure out what I could.


I surpassed the expectation

of teachers who had no faith that I would finish.

They said I wouldn’t attend high school graduation,

but I earned my Bachelors in English.


Things got rough for a while,

and I too lost faith in my future.

I was hoping I’d choke on my own bile

and just see myself freed of this torture.


But you caught me and reminded me

of who I was, what I have earned, and,

most of all, what I could be.

But I have to see it through until my fortune turns.


So, here I am now finishing something that should’ve been done,

And, when it is complete, there is only one thing to say to you.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Personal Quote

     "There is always a way, it may not be pleasant and it may not be easy but if it's what you have to do. Get on your feet and start walking."

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Privacy or Technology?

    Technology is a wonderful thing, because of it, I've found friends I haven't talked to in years. I play Call of Duty in my spare time with friends I have in Spain, France and Great Britain. When I'm at work I take the time to check my mail, upload blogs and tweets and of course check my sales. But with technology, comes sacrifice and that sacrifice's name is privacy. These days, in the United States you can't go anywhere and do anything without someone knowing where you and what you're doing.
    When I see sport stars being caught doing the worst things, I'm not shocked anymore because in a way, I believed in every era, what they do has always been going on. The only reason it's such a big deal is because it's easier to get caught now a days. Brett Farve, Tiger Woods, and recently Dan Marino; I mean come on. I would've been shocked if any of these superstars weren't cheating on their spouses. I have countless friends that have gotten busted because they "Checked in" at some one's house. I've sent texts to the wrong people and caused drama for the wrong reasons.
     What always surprises me is when people get busted, they immediately run to the privacy issue, if you haven't done something wrong than what's the problem? I know we all have secrets but unless you have a record or a reputation, why are people so scared if someone is listening in on a conversation? Trust me from what I've seen from people making stupid mistakes over the web, they mess up their own lives before anyone else has a chance to see what's going on. Privacy today is nothing but a page in history now.
     Every since networks like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, privacy is practically non-existent. But that's the sacrifice we must realize that has to be made to have such technology available to the public. People need to realize that once you log on or you turn on a cell phone, someone is always watching and as for me, I consider having the attitude, "Go ahead and watch because you'll get a hell of a show." If you want real privacy these days then the only advice I can give to you is go somewhere where time has abandoned the area, build yourself an outhouse, and just live the lives your ancestors did because you can't have both. Privacy or Technology, which one would you rather sacrifice?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Promotion update!

      I want to personally thank everyone who helped out in promoting my ebooks, Madness in a Recession and A Murder For A Murder September: 11th 2026. The free promotion went very well for both and I hope and pray that one of them was a publisher and pretty soon I'll be getting a call very soon. Nothing would make my life more complete than seeing my work in print and in the hands of millions of readers. Promotion is the key to any new and up and coming artist whatever their field is. I urge whom ever is still trying to get their voice heard, there's only one course of action for trying to get your voice heard.
      Promotion! I saved up money to have my amazon page show for months on Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. I will warn you you won't get your money back more than likely but in the end, it's all about word of mouth. In the end, it's all about getting your name out there, let people know who you are and how to find you. Promotion is key and if you want to get the foot in the door, that's how you put one foot infront of the other. Thank you for all my fans and friends, love you all and goodnight.

Monday, May 6, 2013

My thoughts on Marriage.


I see everyone around me getting married

and everyone asks me why I’m not

on the bandwagon.

Well, here’s my answer.


Marriage isn’t just about finding someone to love.

I find that wherever I go.

It’s not about having a family to me,

but I wouldn’t turn down the thought.


It’s not even about having the happy moments

which we all capture in the photographs.

In fact, marriage to me is about the complete opposite

of those photographs.


Marriage to me is about the struggle.


If we were happy all the time in marriages

then we wouldn’t need to take those photos.

It’s not about the trips to the white weddings,

the buying of a house together, or the family

trips to Disneyland.


It’s about your wife having all day to talk to you,

and the only time she does is when you’re watching

the game or playing one online with your friends.

Makes you just want to head out and have a beer

with your friends.


It’s about your husband getting on your nerves

because he keeps you up all night with his snoring,

and he still leaves the toilet seat up.

Makes you just want to put super glue on the seat

and wait for the magic to happen.

It’s about your kids either going through

their rebellious phases, constant screaming

due to certain issues, doing everything you can

to make them happy and give them a

chance for a grand future.

Makes you just want some time alone.


But after all that, there’s that one moment

when all those problems seem to disappear.

When you’re all at the dinner table, and you

share that silent moment and look at each other

as if that was a psychological sense of satisfaction --

that you got through another day, together.

Then the husband and wife go to bed together,

confident in the days to come because no

matter how bad things get, when they wake up tomorrow,

they will be waking up next to each other.

And that makes life worth living.


That is what a marriage means to me,

and I have not met someone that I

can wake up next to yet. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Does it really matter anymore?

     First I want to congratulate Jason Collins on accepting who he is and "coming out of the closet." Whether you're pro or anti gay, it doesn't make a difference, nobody in this country should be forced to be somebody else to satisfy someones insecurities. But I have to ask...Jason Collins, Anderson Cooper, Matt Boomer, and so on have come out of the closet but one has to ask, why is there still a closet? We are in an age where gays and lesbians are accepted now more than ever. Don't get me wrong, the bigotry is still there but there is no reason for people in this day and age to have to be somebody else.
    Maybe I'm wrong because I'm straight and I don't have the inner conflict that I'm sure some may have. But look at all the events that have taken place, gays are openly allowed to be in the military and slowly they are getting right to be married. They are opportunities for them to succeed in fields that were never open and it's still expanding. Living down here in South Florida I've seen, met and befriended many gay men and lesbians and the only difference I've seen between my straight friends and gays is my straight friends think there is a difference.
    Like I said, I don't care whether your pro or anti gay because none of it matters in the end. This life is too short and to waste it being in denial or hating a particular group, it's pathetic. With foreign powers making threats, economic instability, global disasters...I'm tired of people caring who is what and I'm sure some or most of society is tired with me. If you're more scared that someone of your sex is attracted to you than any other threat, then maybe your the one that needs to be in the closet.

Something personal I've learned last night.

    "Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you have done all you can do and just move on." I was really upset that I didn't win last night but at the end of the day I've faced it. It just sucks because you put your heart and soul into something and you feel that it's just unappreciated. I've realized that's not the case, I'm sure I lost to somebody that most likely deserved it more and they put their heart and soul into it as well. But I guess I just I was just mad because I want my chance in the sun, I've spent too much time in the dark.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Not giving up!

     Okay, so I got my notice today from the Independent Book Publisher Awards and it seems that my ebook "Madness in a Recession" did not win anything. I'm a little heart broken because it's a personal ebook but then again, I'm no stranger to be broken hearted. However, I'm not given up. Rejection is only a path towards success. Nobody became a success overnight, everybody gets a face full of mud every now and then. I'm comforted by how all you need is one spark to start a fire and then you become the inferno.
     J.K. Rowling was poor before she wrote Harry Potter, Seth McFarlane's "Family Guy" was cancelled twice before it became popular, and Chris Gardner (from the book, Pursuit of Happiness) was homeless before he turned his life around. I will become a successful writer whether it's self publishing books, writing screenplays for a studio, or I'll finally be discovered by a publishing house...someday. Until the next is written.

Iron Man 3 Review

    Last night going to the midnight premiere in Aventura was both exciting and rewarding. From a fellow geek, it's great to hang with a crowd of like minded individuals to see a movie about superheroes. In my previous blog I mentioned that in the movie business there is the "Rule of 3" where most of the time when it comes to movie franchises, once it hits the third movie, if the previous one wasn't good the third one should make up for it. Thank goodness, Iron Man 3, like Lord of the Rings was an exception to that rule.
    For those of you who may not follow, this is the 3rd of the Iron Man frachise that takes place after the events of The Avengers. Here Tony Stark is fighting personal battles that he confronts after the events of the alien invasion that took place while at the same time trying to apprehend a global terrorist by the name of The Manderian. Here Tony Stark's character seem to grow when he realizes the "demons" that are hurting him and the ones he loves are of his own doing and now to free his friends and his sole, it's time to face them. But he's not alone, he has backup in the name of Don Cheadle who plays his friend and partner known as The WarMachine. If that's not all, Tony Stark has the one thing everybody loves to see in action, his wide variety of Iron Man armor.
    With a fresh director and excellent true to character acting by Robert Downey Jr. there was no disappointment. The action was non-stop with plenty of comedic breaks that made it very difficult for people who had to leave to go use the restrooms. Whether your a fan of the movies or the comics, you should have no problem enjoying this thrill ride presented my Marvel. Unless you're one of those people who have a close mind and are unwilling to accept the changes the movies made to the characters. They come up with stupid excuses to boycott the movie like, "They're not wearing their masks or helmets" for Captain America or Thor, then there's "Bane wasn't using venom" for Batman and  the current "He doesn't have his red underwear on"for Superman. If you're one of those people then I suggest you don't go see this movie.
     While I don't follow the Iron Man in comics I've asked fans about the problems they had with the Manderian played by Ben Kingsley, don't worry I won't spoil it.  But I will say this much, if you're a hardcore comic fan of Iron Man, you may not like the direction they take the movie. The rest of you will enjoy it plenty, on a scale of 1-10, this gets a 10. There is something at the end of the credits but it's nothing really necessary to see and it can wait till it comes out on Blu-Ray so you can skip the credits. Enjoy the movie.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Movies rule of 3/ Iron Man 3

       I leave now to go see the next Iron Man and I'm anxiously looking forward to it. I hope to leave it very satisfied, unfortunately in the movie business there is that rule of three. When it's time to for a movie franchise to make it to the third movie, if one of those movies haven't sucked, usually the third one will. It's happened in some movie trilogies such as Indiana Jones with The Temple of Doom and Spiderman with Spiderman 3 but then again, these are my opinions. But the fact is there is such a rule so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn't happen to a franchise that brought Marvel superheroes to the big screen.
      Before Marvel hit big with Iron Man, it had it's hits like Spiderman and Blade and misses with such projects as Hulk, Daredevil, The Punisher, and Electra. But when Jon Favreau directed the first movie, Marvel began it's role which eventually lead to the merger with Disney making Marvel the giant in the superhero war between Marvel and DC Comics. As a DC fan, I have to say they have drop the ball but are slowly catching up with the upcoming "Man of Steel" but for now, Marvel is king and Iron Man is responsible for getting the ball rolling. With an all star cast and a fresh director, it's time to go see if Disney's magic can spare Marvel the curse of the "Rule of 3."

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Evil Dead Review

     Generally, I'm not a big fan of remakes hence why Hollywood needs to give me a call. ;D lol. But I have to say, this was a remake worth seeing. Now I know what people were thinking from the get go, "Oh they just added more gore and unnessesary violence." But all that is just an excuse for people not to give this movie a chance. As a fan of the original, this stays true to the purpose of the story with the exception of the comedic prescence.
     This is straight horror through the movie, no breaks or moments of relief. This movie is like taking a shot of 151 proof alcohol. You better be ready to lose you breath or you better not go and watch this movie because this movie is no stop thrill ride. Be warned there is a scene of intense violence and rape that will make your stomach turn if you're not comfortable seeing that sort of thing. There have been a lot of let downs when it comes to horror remakes but this remake stands out.
     Introducing a virtually unknown cast and staying true to a cult following, Evil Dead is a remake that it's so good, the only problem I had with it is that it should've been released in October. This is one of those horror movies you have to be with a crowd to full appreciate the affect of this movie. I truly hope a sequel is in the near future. Speaking of near future, if you go see this movie there was a trailer for the remake "Carrie." As a Stephen King fan, they better not mess up that classic.
If your a fan of poetry, you can recieve my ebook for free on Here's the link, please rate it and give it a review if you can. =D