Saturday, May 11, 2013

Poem to my Mother.

Thank You

God created me with a special agenda,

and that was to give me to someone loving.

To me, it was mom but others Margherita.

I wish I saw her face on that one September morning.


I made you laugh. I made you cry.

And there were those times I drove you crazy.

For that, I’m sorry. But, in my defense, I am a guy,

and I’ve always had everything but my sanity.


You’ve watched me grow,

and become my own man.

I appreciated it when you would let me go

and try to figure out what I could.


I surpassed the expectation

of teachers who had no faith that I would finish.

They said I wouldn’t attend high school graduation,

but I earned my Bachelors in English.


Things got rough for a while,

and I too lost faith in my future.

I was hoping I’d choke on my own bile

and just see myself freed of this torture.


But you caught me and reminded me

of who I was, what I have earned, and,

most of all, what I could be.

But I have to see it through until my fortune turns.


So, here I am now finishing something that should’ve been done,

And, when it is complete, there is only one thing to say to you.

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