Thursday, May 16, 2013

WWE/TNA are Sports. Not Sports Entertainment.

       I know that professional wrestling is nothing more than a show for people who want to see a fight but don't want anyone to really get hurt. I know it's full of actors that portray characters some grotesque, horrify, and evil that are known as "heels." Then there are the good guys, heroes, icons and phenoms who are known as "babyfaces." Along with awesome pyro, smoke and lasers these athletes and promotions put on a show that entertains millions of people around the world and inspires people to achieve goals. So I ask this question, what separates professional wrestling from every other sport in the world?
      This sport is filled with athletes that have to keep their bodies in shape 24/7 and must maintain an ideal image. The wrestlers perform in front of live crowds and are seen all over the world and adored by millions of fans. It's a sport were athletes constantly get hurt and the only difference is, the wrestlers don't get an off season. It's even a sport where women are just as active as men and just as respected and yet one reason separates this sport from all the rest. "It's not real."
      If that's the only reason then it's a pathetic and irrelevant reason to not call professional wrestling a sport. Boxing, 2 guys that pretend to hate each other to build up hype so people can get the idea "Oh these guys really hate each other and are going to beat each other down." Mixed Martial Arts are the same boat only even more violent than Boxing. NFL, NBA, and NHL all thrive on creating rivalries between teams such as Jets/Dolphins, Heat/Celtics, and Panthers/Lightning. Sports today are so filled with the same drama as wrestling, it's safe to say all sports today are unbelievable.
     Anything that requires actual physical activity, requires constant conditioning, and unconditional commitment should, out of respect be considered a sport. All sports are meant to entertain, nobody really goes to Nascar to just see car go round and round all day, they go to see drivers maintain a lead while trying not to go head first into the wall. I've been watching sports since I was little, I wanted to be like Troy Aikman and run for a living but I made other commitments that led me to this point. I love all sports, because I'm always amazed by how far the human body can be pushed when taken to a limit. Out of respect for Professional Wrestling, I think it's time to just call it what it is, a sport.

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