Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Romantic Pt. 1

The Romantic
The Prom Date

Had the best night of my life.
I did my research and found the spot.
I got the tuxedo and borrowed my father’s car,
Now I just need to pick up my date.

My hands are sweaty, they’re slipping on the wheel.
I haven’t had anything to drink but I really need to pee.
I’ve been planning this night for weeks
but now everything has gone completely out the window.

I finally get to her house and see steps outside the door.
In a beautiful gown that makes me thank God that I could see.
I wipe the sweat from my face and step outside,
The cold air fills my lungs and I almost faint.

She gets closer so I regain my senses
and rush over to get the door for her.
She laughs a little as I almost trip over the curb
but luckily I don’t fall completely, she just thinks it’s cute.

We drive off and she thinks we’re off to the prom,
amazed that I was able to buy the tickets.
We are the products of less fortunate parents
so after school events are not available to us.

After a few minutes, she begins to get nervous
because she knows now that we’re not heading for the school.
I confess to her that I lied about the tickets
but I do plan on giving her a prom night.

We get where we need to be and her nervousness
turns into a heart-warming sensation.
I take her to the baseball field,
where we met for the first time as kids.

We were on the team together and that’s where it started.
Surgery couldn’t remove us from each other since then
and I take her to the left outfield which is where we collided
while we were trying to catch a fly ball.

The runner got a home run
but I’m the one who scored that day.
I met the girl I knew that I wanted to be with
and after the icepacks came off I asked her out.

Years later, we’re here now.
Sitting on the table cloth and her favorite foods.
Tacos, nachos and ranch dip with a 2 liter soda
and we eat underneath the stars.

She thanks me for making the best of this
because she badly wanted to have a prom night.
I tell her that everyone deserves a prom
even if it’s not at a school with everyone else.

At least this way, we don’t have to worry
about whose going to be prom king and queen
because it looks like we’re winners by default.
She laughs and we stand up to kiss like lovers.

I stop and pull out my cell phone
and the first thing that comes out of her mouth is
“Are you kidding me right now?”
I laugh and tell her to listen very carefully.

Music starts to play over the speakers on the field,
It’s her favorite country song.
The song that she always said that she would want to get married to.
We begin to dance and I wave to the janitor as he leaves the booth.

She tells me how she thinks I’m real smooth
and I tell her that I think there’s no way
this night could get better.
She disagrees.

We begin to kiss and she runs her hands down my chest
but I stop her.
I tell her now is not the night
and I don’t want our first time to be here.

I was afraid I had just killed the mode
but in actuality, I think she appreciates it more.
So we continue to dance on with the music
enjoying the best part about prom night.

When the music ends, we kiss one more time.
I tell her that I love her and I want to be with her.
Tears come out of her eyes and almost cries,
she grips my back with her fingernails.

She tells me that she loves me
and pities every girl in the school.
They will never have what we did,
a prom night meant for lovers.

"Sample from my book of poetry Faces of the Masses available now in print and on Amazon Kindle."

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Best Christmas Gift

I got the newest game console.
Now, I can spend hours of my life
playing with people all over the world
and dominating them with my “mad” skills.

I got this diamond necklace.
Now, I can brag to all the girls
about how my husband can afford anything I want
and make the others mad with envy.

I got the newest phone, and it comes with camera, wifi, radio,
pillbox, TV, army knife, corkscrew, and screwdriver.
Oh yeah, it can also make calls all over the world.
I can even make calls to astronauts in space.

I got my daddy back after he had been gone for so long
in a place where people didn’t like him but he had to go for work.
He’s not as I remember, though. He has trouble breathing sometimes.
He lost his left fingers in an accident and he got hit by a car
that sent him to the hospital for a while.

But instead of coming home, he had to finish his job.
He told me his friends helped him get through the days, but
the one thing that kept him going was the thought of
being here for Christmas with me and getting the chance
to be my daddy.

Now, he’ll be here to take me to school, watch me grow up, scare away
any boys brave enough to ask me out, and, most of all,
to always be there for me when I cry, when I laugh, and
when I go through phases in my life.
That’s the best gift I will ever receive.

"This is a sample from my book Faces of the Masses. Available now in Print and Kindle. Until the next is written."

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Poetry from Faces of the Masses

The Honest Question

There should only be one question
everyone should ask themselves
when getting into a relationship.
Do you want to be with him or her?

It's an honest question.

Can you dedicate yourself to that person?
Can you see yourself with someone else?
Is this person the only one you want to see?
Exposing your family to theirs?
Growing old only with her?
Putting up with there problems?
Only being faithful to them?
Never going to purposely cause them harm?
Will you always going to be there?
Will you always support them?
Will you cry with them when their in pain?
Will you smile with them in their joy?
Is the best part of your day waking up next to each other?
Do your problems fade when their around?
Do they make you want to improve as a person?
Do they enhance the quality of your life?

It doesn't matter what your parents think
or theirs.
We're all responsible for our own happiness
so don't forget to answer this question.

I'll give you a hint.
If you say no to any of these,
if you even hesitate to say yes.
The answer is no.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What a Son Really Wants

What A Son Really Wants
by Anthony Labson

When they're young
it's always about
the toys or catching the ball.
You're the real life superhero.

When they grow up
it's about the life.
They want to get out
and explore all life has to offer.

They have dreams to achieve
and obstacles to overcome.
They grow up to become father's of their own
and it all accumulates to one specific moment.

When the day finally comes
and the son gets everything they have
and his father comes up to him
to give him what he's always wanted.

“I'm so proud of you son.”
That's all he really wanted.
That's all I ever wanted
and I'm grateful to have heard it.

"Excerpt from my book Faces of the Masses, to be released next week."

Friday, December 12, 2014

Sons of Anarchy: Closure

Well it’s been a few days since the series finale of popular FX show, Sons of Anarchy so after running out of tissues, it’s time for my two cents. For those of you that have never seen an episode, the show is about an outlaw motorcycle club known as the Sons of Anarchy, the Redwood Original chapter. Being stationed in a quiet town called Charming, the show exposes the audience to the dark world of motorcycle gangs. A world comprised of narcotics, gun traffic, prostitution, murder and mayhem. The show also exposes the audience to the codes and conducts of motorcycle gangs and the culture in which they conduct themselves.

While the club is led by Ron Perlman, known in the show as Clay whom is president of the club at the time, the show focuses around the character Jax Teller played by Charlie Hunnam. Jax is the Vice President of the club and Clay is romantically involved with Jax’s mother Gemma Teller (Katey Sagal) after his father was killed in an “accident.” As the seasons go on, Jax begins to see that his father who was one of the founding members of the club had plans to make the club legit. He soon begins to see the dark reality that would lead to his father’s demise and finally decided to rise to become the new president of the club. In the wake of his journey, he enjoyed many victories but suffered great losses that would eventually drive him to the final season.

After suffering the greatest loss anyone could endure, Jax goes on a killing spree in the name of vengeance, unaware that his ambitions are led by false accusations. The mass murder would not only lead Jax into certain turmoil but so would the club as well. Through a series of events, Jax would eventually learn the truth behind the lies he was told and why he was sent off in the wrong direction but not after passing the point of no return. The final season ends the only way it could with Jax doing everything he can to set things right so nothing comes back to hurt the club and fulfill his long term goal. To make sure that his sons don’t repeat the same mistakes that he made and what his father failed to do for him.

The final season left nothing unturned and it keeps the audience at the edge with anticipation, leaving nothing to be obvious. Every week, there was a surprise coming that would end the episode and leave the audience wondering what would happen next. Like every season, there was a fair share of death, destruction, sex, and surprise cameos by known celebrities such as Courtney Love, Peter Weller, Michael Chiklis, and Marilyn Manson. Final seasons always leave a bitter taste in the mouth of the fans but this one ended so perfectly, two words come to mind at the end and those are complete closure. For those of you who have Netflix, seasons 1-6 are available now and they are worth the watch.

The show offered insight to how motorcycle clubs lived when it came to certain issues like the love each member had for each other, the democracy that governed their charter, and the blood that had to be spilled to wear the patch. Each show was well written that offered very little insight to what would happen next and kept the attention of the audience. The one celebrity that made a tremendous impact was Katey Sagal who is well known for her comedy role as famous housewife Peggy Bundy from the legendary show Married With Children. As soon as you see her, all the images and memories I had about her went right into the fire. The legacy of Sons of Anarchy is one of groundbreaking material, well written dialogue, and exciting action that will never be duplicated again.

Monday, December 8, 2014

A Fan's Walking Dead Prayer

Dear Jesus,
                I’m praying to you right now because of the show The Walking Dead. I’m sure you’re a fan because if you really think about it, you are the original walker. The only difference is people didn’t freak out when you walked in and presented yourself to everyone. At least I think you walked when you came back, I would hope not considering you had a nail through your feet and it would really hurt to put weight on. Anyway, sorry for deviating from the point but again this show is getting really good and tense so I like to just say a quick prayer. I pray the writers spare me from the heartbreak of watching the characters I love die. Truth be told, I’m still hurting from watching Hershel’s head being hacked off in front of his daughters. Speaking of his daughters, I really hope that nothing happens to Maggie. She’s the hottest woman on that show next to Michonne. The only way she could possibly get any hotter is if she was allowed to use her natural English accent but since she plays a farmer’s daughter, I understand. On that note, I hope the writers don’t kill of Michonne any time soon because she’s like a female Daryl only I don’t want to see Daryl naked. Daryl is the heart and soul of the show so it’s important nothing happens to him. I see enough people with shirts that say, “If Daryl dies we riot” so again I hope nothing happens to him because we’ve had enough riots going on as of late. Plus every time I see him do his thing, I get an urge to watch Boondock Saints. Speaking of control, hopefully the time will come for Rick to finally lead his people to a safe haven. It’s starting to become repetitive with finding a new place to call home only to have it destroyed by walkers or some outside threat. Also hope he survives the zombie apocalypse so he can raise Judith and Carl in a better world than what he woke up to from that coma. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the next episode and I hope you send your divine influence to the writers of the show so all my hopes come true. Thank you and in case the zombie apocalypse actually does happen, I like to apologize in advance because I have no doubt that I’m going to end up like Morgan.

Your faithful

Saturday, December 6, 2014

When The Justice System Fails You, The Wall Doesn't.

The Wall

Charles Plantine
Steven Muller
Blake Tillman
Elizabeth Newman
Brick 1
Brick 2
Party Girls
Extras to wear Wood, Brick, and Silver Masks

Text Copyright in 2013 © by Anthony Labson
ISBN-10: 0-9881807-2-3

ISBN-13: 978-0-9881807-2-7

Act One: Scene One
(Scene begins outside a warehouse with a van parked outside with Channel 2 news van outside. A car pulls up and reporter Charles Plantine gets out of his car and walks over to the camera man waiting in the van)

Hey! Where’s Zack? I asked him to be here.

He’s sick so the boss sent me instead. So why are we here in the middle of nowhere?

Don’t worry about that and just record when I tell you to and keep your mouth shut, if we pull this off then I can finally get something going with my career.

Yeah, I like to see my career go somewhere too. Now do you mind at least letting me know what we’re here to cover?

(Frowns, wipes his face and pauses for a moment)
Ok, if you have to. We’re here to interview somebody who claims to be a member of The Wall.

Oh I’ve heard of those guys, they’re some kind of secret society right? Bunch of nut jobs playing vigilantes.

(Rolls his eyes and looks up in the sky)
They’re a terrorist organization taking matters into their hands and now they’re willing to give me the opportunity to bring this subject to the public view.

If they are so big, why did they choose you?

(Tyler laughs as Charles is getting frustrated and grabs a handful of microphones)
I’m the reporter so stop asking questions and get going because I've got a career to build up!

Jeez, Mr. Sensitive.
(Charles and Tyler head towards the warehouse and open the door. It’s dark inside and then a light shines on a table. Then Charles Plantine and Tyler walk in towards the table with a camera in Tyler’s hands and four microphones in Charles’s)

(Lost in the darkness)
I’m here to meet someone by the name of Steel. Is that you?
(A man with a silver mask appears sitting at the table and on his right a man with a red mask and a man with a brown mask to the left come into the light)

(With a deep voice)
You’re late.

(Takes a moment to analyze the situation and Charles looks around the empty room and finally snaps back to introduce him)
How do you do? I’m Charles Plantine. You called me on the phone and wanted to meet with me about a story. A story that would open America’s eyes to a secret that’s been going on since 9/11 as you said. Are you the man I’m here to meet?

(Brick and Wood laugh while Steel just smiles)
You walk into a room occupied by 3 masked men and you’re asking if you’re in the right place? No, you’re not in the right place, I spend my days waiting for morons to walk through that door so I can take their money because I’m tired of waiting by the ATMs late at night.

(Tyler giggles a bit but stops when Charles stares at him)
Yes Mr. Plantine you’re in the right place, now set up your equipment and have a seat.

(Tyler sets up the camera and Charles is getting the microphones set on his neck and hands one to Steel then takes it gives one to each of his men then puts one on himself)

(Whispers in Steel’s ear)
Are you sure this is the right thing to do? How do we know the cops won’t panic when this is aired?

(Whispering back)
Don’t worry about it. You never plan anything without preparing for every outcome and even the most ridiculous one. You’ll understand in time but for now you need to keep your mouth shut until spoken too. Understand?
(Wood nods his head and goes back to his side of the table. A few minutes go by and Tyler has his camera ready and Charles is sitting down).

Are you ready?
(Steel nods his head and Tyler turns the camera on to begin recording the interview)
This is Charles Plantine with Channel 2 news and I’m here with people that some might consider terrorists but they see things different. These men are representatives of a myth called The Wall. The man sitting across from me is Mr. Steel. Thank you for coming forward with this. Now Mr. Steel let us please begin with the basics questions. What is The Wall? Can you explain why you all are wearing different color masks? And the most important how big is this… Wall?

(Steel grabs a bottle of water at his feet and drinks from it. He sets it down in front of him and speaks)
The Wall is organization that was formed after 9/11. I would have to say about 5 months exactly after. The Wall is literally the last barrier protecting society from chaos. We help keep control by protecting the people when the law doesn’t. We wear different color masks to show our ranks like badges. The man in the brown mask is Wood, he’s classified as floor which is code name for rookie. The man in the red is Brick which means he’s more… seasoned and I am Steel. I am the captain and represent the strongest barrier of the three. There are others above me but we won’t get into that. You advance through how much you go through emotionally, mentally and physically in the name of justice.

(Pauses for a moment)
So what is it you really do? Because it sounds like you’re all a bunch of vigilantes.

(Shakes his head)
A vigilante kills for selfish reasons and we seek justice for a reason beyond our own. We only kill when we have to, if the person deserves death. Basically, we are secret police only… we’re free of the restraints of rules and procedures.

So you are vigilantes. Who are you to take the law into your own hands?

People who have been wronged by the system that’s been designed to protect us, we are everyone and we are nowhere like ghosts. We are everywhere and you would never know it. We’re either the cop on the corner, the mother taking her child to soccer practice, the concessionists serving you popcorn at the movie theater, and even the whore at the corner you cheat on your wife with. Gina has spoken of you quiet often and about how cheap you are.

(Stunned and swallows a bit of saliva)
We’ll just edit that part out. Do you mean to tell me that they’re criminals in this organization? Who decides who is allowed to join this group?

Anybody tired of seeing the drug dealers and mob bosses thrive and watching the good suffer. Some are criminals and are given the chance to redeem themselves. After 9/11 a few Americans got together and realized while America does have the best system, the problem with it is the rich and powerful get away with things. When the law fails to protect its people civil action isn’t just inevitable, it’s required. That’s The Wall, people who are tired of relying on others to protect them, instead the people protect each other and form a kinship that no gang, mafia, or dictatorship can ever break.

So how do you decide who to go after? Do you just pick one out like a random drawing or you have a list and just go down it?

There really is no crime to small because like I said, we’re everywhere and like a New York cockroach, we’re hard to get rid of. If gangs do something to each other then it’s not our problem but the second innocent blood is spilt, that’s when we’re activated.

Let me repeat the question. Who are you to take the law into your own hands? Why are the cops not enough for you? If you want to serve the people then take off the masks and put on a uniform and badge.

Because the police, sometimes are the problem in the first place! How many cops are busted for being corrupt a year? How many are just cops because they can’t do anything else in life? You want me to put my safety in the hands of somebody who was disappointed with their life? Fuck that! I believe that’s one reason why society has de-evolved lately, we were so used to cops taking care of the people, we forgotten to take care of each other. How was the United States formed? It was formed when a group of men got together and said we’re not taking shit from a King anymore. We are that same group of people who want to get justice by any means necessary.

So have you killed before?

Yes but not everyone I’ve had to encounter. It depends whether the individual deserves to die. We only have three rules but we’ll get to that later.

This sounds insane. No matter how hard it may be to enforce the system it’s still better than what you’re innovating. You’re no different than any other vigilante.

Perhaps but I believe that what we do keeps the innocent safe and until I am killed I will keep doing it because I will burn in hell to protect those that can’t or won’t do it themselves and dedication that simple, makes me more powerful than a nuclear bomb. That’s why I’m Steel, when it comes to protecting close to me I’ll destroy cultures and it won’t affect me because my heart is cold and solid for those who would do them harm.

You’re a murderer trying to justify murder. All you want is a reason to kill people.

Stopping those that do wrong to innocent people is reason enough.

(Gives a smirk and Charles gives a nervous look but maintains his composure)

You obviously aren’t getting the concept. Wood, tell him why you got involved. Maybe then, he’ll see things our way.

(The lights flickers and the first flashback happens).

Sample from The Wall, available now in print and on Amazon Kindle.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tribute to Single Parents

When I young, there was a saying
“If you were born into a wealthy family,
then you had it made.”
But now it seems to be if you’re born having both parents,
then you’re lucky enough as is.

Marriage was seen as a sacred institution
between man and woman when they realized
that they were the ones for each other.

Now, to me, it seems like a game
to be quit and restarted
at the first sign of difficulty.
That first sign is usually
the sign of new life.

Instead of being responsible and living up
to what is owed to a true innocent,
they run like a true coward does,
and I condemn them for it.

A child runs out of fear
and whines when things don’t go his way.
An adult accepts what happens
and tries to make the best out of a situation.

How can I condemn them for it?
Who am I to condemn?

I am a child of two parents who stayed together
and worked together to make sure I grew up right.
Meanwhile, over the years, I watched how
other parents called it quits.

Because of that, their children,
whom I once called friends,
became cold and isolated themselves
by going into darker places that even I
have not gone to. Some became the living dead
while others just stopped living.

That’s who I am. Now, answer my question:
Who are you?
To rob a child of having a father to defend
or a mother to nurture all because
you got scared and didn’t want
to own up to your responsibilities.

I don’t care that you live up to your responsibilities
as a spouse or a lover.
Live up to your responsibilities as a parent.
Don’t send them a check, don’t send them a card,
and don’t bother with a phone call.

I am a witness to a damaged generation,
and to the parents who try to fly it solo:
Thank you for showing how strong a human being
can be when pushed to such boundaries.

Sample from my book Madness in a Recession, available now in print and on Amazon Kindle. Until the next is written.