Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tribute to Single Parents

When I young, there was a saying
“If you were born into a wealthy family,
then you had it made.”
But now it seems to be if you’re born having both parents,
then you’re lucky enough as is.

Marriage was seen as a sacred institution
between man and woman when they realized
that they were the ones for each other.

Now, to me, it seems like a game
to be quit and restarted
at the first sign of difficulty.
That first sign is usually
the sign of new life.

Instead of being responsible and living up
to what is owed to a true innocent,
they run like a true coward does,
and I condemn them for it.

A child runs out of fear
and whines when things don’t go his way.
An adult accepts what happens
and tries to make the best out of a situation.

How can I condemn them for it?
Who am I to condemn?

I am a child of two parents who stayed together
and worked together to make sure I grew up right.
Meanwhile, over the years, I watched how
other parents called it quits.

Because of that, their children,
whom I once called friends,
became cold and isolated themselves
by going into darker places that even I
have not gone to. Some became the living dead
while others just stopped living.

That’s who I am. Now, answer my question:
Who are you?
To rob a child of having a father to defend
or a mother to nurture all because
you got scared and didn’t want
to own up to your responsibilities.

I don’t care that you live up to your responsibilities
as a spouse or a lover.
Live up to your responsibilities as a parent.
Don’t send them a check, don’t send them a card,
and don’t bother with a phone call.

I am a witness to a damaged generation,
and to the parents who try to fly it solo:
Thank you for showing how strong a human being
can be when pushed to such boundaries.

Sample from my book Madness in a Recession, available now in print and on Amazon Kindle. Until the next is written.

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