Monday, December 8, 2014

A Fan's Walking Dead Prayer

Dear Jesus,
                I’m praying to you right now because of the show The Walking Dead. I’m sure you’re a fan because if you really think about it, you are the original walker. The only difference is people didn’t freak out when you walked in and presented yourself to everyone. At least I think you walked when you came back, I would hope not considering you had a nail through your feet and it would really hurt to put weight on. Anyway, sorry for deviating from the point but again this show is getting really good and tense so I like to just say a quick prayer. I pray the writers spare me from the heartbreak of watching the characters I love die. Truth be told, I’m still hurting from watching Hershel’s head being hacked off in front of his daughters. Speaking of his daughters, I really hope that nothing happens to Maggie. She’s the hottest woman on that show next to Michonne. The only way she could possibly get any hotter is if she was allowed to use her natural English accent but since she plays a farmer’s daughter, I understand. On that note, I hope the writers don’t kill of Michonne any time soon because she’s like a female Daryl only I don’t want to see Daryl naked. Daryl is the heart and soul of the show so it’s important nothing happens to him. I see enough people with shirts that say, “If Daryl dies we riot” so again I hope nothing happens to him because we’ve had enough riots going on as of late. Plus every time I see him do his thing, I get an urge to watch Boondock Saints. Speaking of control, hopefully the time will come for Rick to finally lead his people to a safe haven. It’s starting to become repetitive with finding a new place to call home only to have it destroyed by walkers or some outside threat. Also hope he survives the zombie apocalypse so he can raise Judith and Carl in a better world than what he woke up to from that coma. Anyway, I look forward to seeing the next episode and I hope you send your divine influence to the writers of the show so all my hopes come true. Thank you and in case the zombie apocalypse actually does happen, I like to apologize in advance because I have no doubt that I’m going to end up like Morgan.

Your faithful

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