Saturday, December 13, 2014

What a Son Really Wants

What A Son Really Wants
by Anthony Labson

When they're young
it's always about
the toys or catching the ball.
You're the real life superhero.

When they grow up
it's about the life.
They want to get out
and explore all life has to offer.

They have dreams to achieve
and obstacles to overcome.
They grow up to become father's of their own
and it all accumulates to one specific moment.

When the day finally comes
and the son gets everything they have
and his father comes up to him
to give him what he's always wanted.

“I'm so proud of you son.”
That's all he really wanted.
That's all I ever wanted
and I'm grateful to have heard it.

"Excerpt from my book Faces of the Masses, to be released next week."

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