Saturday, December 20, 2014

Poetry from Faces of the Masses

The Honest Question

There should only be one question
everyone should ask themselves
when getting into a relationship.
Do you want to be with him or her?

It's an honest question.

Can you dedicate yourself to that person?
Can you see yourself with someone else?
Is this person the only one you want to see?
Exposing your family to theirs?
Growing old only with her?
Putting up with there problems?
Only being faithful to them?
Never going to purposely cause them harm?
Will you always going to be there?
Will you always support them?
Will you cry with them when their in pain?
Will you smile with them in their joy?
Is the best part of your day waking up next to each other?
Do your problems fade when their around?
Do they make you want to improve as a person?
Do they enhance the quality of your life?

It doesn't matter what your parents think
or theirs.
We're all responsible for our own happiness
so don't forget to answer this question.

I'll give you a hint.
If you say no to any of these,
if you even hesitate to say yes.
The answer is no.

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