Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Christmas Gift Money Can't Buy

The Best Christmas Gift
Anthony Labson

I got the newest game console.
Now, I can spend hours of my life
playing with people all over the world
and dominating them with my “mad” skills.

I got this diamond necklace.
Now, I can brag to all the girls
about how my husband can afford anything I want
and make the others mad with envy.

I got the newest phone, and it comes with camera, wifi, radio,
pillbox, TV, army knife, corkscrew, and screwdriver.
Oh yeah, it can also make calls all over the world.
I can even make calls to astronauts in space.

I got my daddy back after he had been gone for so long
in a place where people didn’t like him but he had to go for work.
He’s not as I remember, though. He has trouble breathing sometimes.
He lost his left fingers in an accident and he got hit by a car
that sent him to the hospital for a while.

But instead of coming home, he had to finish his job.
He told me his friends helped him get through the days, but
the one thing that kept him going was the thought of
being here for Christmas with me and getting the chance
to be my daddy.

Now, he’ll be here to take me to school, watch me grow up, scare away
any boys brave enough to ask me out, and, most of all,
to always be there for me when I cry, when I laugh, and
when I go through phases in my life.
That’s the best gift I will ever receive.

"This is a sample from my book Madness in a Recession. Available now at this link and Kindle tomorrow. Until the next is written."

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