Thursday, November 6, 2014

Call of Duty: Advance Warfare

Just got finished playing the newest installment of the Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Advance Warfare and all I can say is this is why gamers should get next generation consoles. My review may only apply to PS4 version because that's what I own but this is what I have to say about the game. Armed with incredible graphics that make the cinematics look almost alive and with terrific gameplay, this game is what Call of Duty: Ghosts should have been. With the addition of Kevin Spacey playing the antagonist, the campaign mode is an in depth thrill ride that sucks the gamer into what could be a realistic look at the future of warfare.

Playing as a solider named Mitchel, your journey begins after a mission which you succeeded but at great cost. After being discharged after losing a limb in combat, you're approached by Kevin Spacey or Johnathon Irons, owner of Atlas Corporations. Taking up an offer to join the company to replace your lost limb and get back into combat, things begin to unfold as chaos begins to reign on the world. One mission after another, Mitchel begins to unravel a dark secret that reveals Irons for who he is and his ambitions to conquer the globe. The only hope is for a handful of ex-Atlas mercenaries, including Mitchel to gang together with the global task force, Sentenals and brings Irons down.

How it turns out, you'll have to buy the game to figure out or rent it on Redbox. The next thing that put Call of Duty on the map is the multiplayer option. There isn't really much difference when it comes to game modes or custom options but the one difference that was spotted immediately is there is no currency. In previous games, you could just usually buy what you wanted but that's not the case in this game. If you wanted a particular upgrade or weapon, you have to earn it, so the game developer Sledgehammer took a more traditional approach to it. The gameplay is much more fluid and fast paced which doesn't allow much for people who camp or snipe from a distance.

The only problem that was hard to overlook was when I was playing with friends, their names kept showing across the screen so when 4 or more people are talking, it's hard to concentrate on the game. For those who have encountered the problem and don't know what to do, just create a party when you start you're PS4 and then go into the game. When the game starts, just mute everyone and that way you can hear your friends and don't have to worry about names popping up. Everything else is pretty much the same concept with score streaks and perks, nothing really different there. This was sledgehammer's first chance and overall they passed with flying colors.

Anything Call of Duty is guaranteed to make money but every now and then there will be a bad game here and there. Like I stated earlier, Ghost was supposed to be the first Call of Duty for the PS4 but deep down I feel that this was more. The graphics were incredible and life like, the gameplay was more traditional and the replay value is extremely high. Not to mention the DLC packs that will be coming, including the much anticipated Zombies mode. Whatever Infinity Ward is cooking up for their version of Call of Duty, I have this much to say. Please take notes and learn from this because you have catching up to do. 

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