Monday, May 6, 2013

My thoughts on Marriage.


I see everyone around me getting married

and everyone asks me why I’m not

on the bandwagon.

Well, here’s my answer.


Marriage isn’t just about finding someone to love.

I find that wherever I go.

It’s not about having a family to me,

but I wouldn’t turn down the thought.


It’s not even about having the happy moments

which we all capture in the photographs.

In fact, marriage to me is about the complete opposite

of those photographs.


Marriage to me is about the struggle.


If we were happy all the time in marriages

then we wouldn’t need to take those photos.

It’s not about the trips to the white weddings,

the buying of a house together, or the family

trips to Disneyland.


It’s about your wife having all day to talk to you,

and the only time she does is when you’re watching

the game or playing one online with your friends.

Makes you just want to head out and have a beer

with your friends.


It’s about your husband getting on your nerves

because he keeps you up all night with his snoring,

and he still leaves the toilet seat up.

Makes you just want to put super glue on the seat

and wait for the magic to happen.

It’s about your kids either going through

their rebellious phases, constant screaming

due to certain issues, doing everything you can

to make them happy and give them a

chance for a grand future.

Makes you just want some time alone.


But after all that, there’s that one moment

when all those problems seem to disappear.

When you’re all at the dinner table, and you

share that silent moment and look at each other

as if that was a psychological sense of satisfaction --

that you got through another day, together.

Then the husband and wife go to bed together,

confident in the days to come because no

matter how bad things get, when they wake up tomorrow,

they will be waking up next to each other.

And that makes life worth living.


That is what a marriage means to me,

and I have not met someone that I

can wake up next to yet. 

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