Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Revealed Review

   Microsoft revealed the next generation of Xbox with gaming with the newest console, Xbox One. With the Playstation 4 coming out this year and Nintendo's Wii U coming out last year, it was time for Microsoft to come out in a big entrance. From the reveal event, it's clear that the Xbox One will be coming out with a new design for the platform, controller and a new kinect sensor. After the wow factor sunk in and the glamour had worn off, the time came to check out the specs involved with the new system. Now while Microsoft has upgraded a lot of the systems, unfortunately it still lacks some improvements that Sony beats them with.
   While coming with a faster processor and improved new engine graphics, these specs will also be just as good as on the Playstation 4. While the new Xbox will be able to play blu ray which is nothing new to blu ray owners. However the one area that puts the Xbox over Playstation is the Kinect and the new system will have more improved tracking and motion detection to improve gaming. Plus with that better command controlling such as being able to vocally turn your system on and off and faster reaction to commands.
    Other features thanks to the Kinect sensor now makes it possible for you to watch a movie but if a friend calls via skype or you have to check on the internet for anything, just say skype or internet and the Xbox will switch or you can minimize your screen using hand gestures. Xbox has made it possible to virtually do anything with the need for a controller. Another perk to having the Xbox is the fact that all downloadable content will hit Xbox gamers first making Playstation owners very jealous.
    The main event came with the announcement of the games that will be coming out with the new system. With such power houses such Madden, FIFA and Call of Duty; the anticipation was well deserved with amazing designs and attention to the smallest details. During the previews for the EA sports games, the difference between previous games to the newest one coming out was clear with real life atheltic movements like RG3 outrunning the Cowboys or the reaction to UFC fighters getting punched. Plus the war like enivornments of Call of Duty gives the gamers a more realistic world than any other game before.
    The Xbox One looks to be a great impovement to it predecesor and gamers shouldn't be disappointed to pros of the console. No word yet on how much the new console will cost nor if the possibility of playing 360 games. We'll have to wait until possibly the E3 to hear an announcement but I will say that I wish Microsoft the best. Having both a Playstation and a Xbox 360 and each systems have its pros and cons that make them both equally entertaining to have. However Xbox still has it's dark cloud with the infamous Red Rings of Death which crippled xbox for a while by overheating consoles, it seems with the Xbox One we shouldn't have any problem for now.

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