Friday, May 3, 2013

Not giving up!

     Okay, so I got my notice today from the Independent Book Publisher Awards and it seems that my ebook "Madness in a Recession" did not win anything. I'm a little heart broken because it's a personal ebook but then again, I'm no stranger to be broken hearted. However, I'm not given up. Rejection is only a path towards success. Nobody became a success overnight, everybody gets a face full of mud every now and then. I'm comforted by how all you need is one spark to start a fire and then you become the inferno.
     J.K. Rowling was poor before she wrote Harry Potter, Seth McFarlane's "Family Guy" was cancelled twice before it became popular, and Chris Gardner (from the book, Pursuit of Happiness) was homeless before he turned his life around. I will become a successful writer whether it's self publishing books, writing screenplays for a studio, or I'll finally be discovered by a publishing house...someday. Until the next is written.

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