Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tattoo that means something.

    If I had a tattoo it would be the word Peace on my right hand and War on my left. I would do that because my left arm is weaker than my right and war is the action of the weak. The stronger person will always find a way to make peace instead of killing his fellow people. I wouldn't do it in foreign writing because a word is powerful no matter what language its written in. That is the kind of tattoo that I would love to have.
    It's hard to understand what people do to themselves and realize the meaning of what they put on their skin. People with tribal tattoos and pictures of celebrities, characters and the infamous barb wire. I just don't understand why people get something that's going to last for a lifetime and will deteriate. Getting a tattoo to me is like trying to figure out what to name a new born baby, you have to give it a name that will define both it and you. That's how important getting a tattoo is.

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