Saturday, May 4, 2013

Does it really matter anymore?

     First I want to congratulate Jason Collins on accepting who he is and "coming out of the closet." Whether you're pro or anti gay, it doesn't make a difference, nobody in this country should be forced to be somebody else to satisfy someones insecurities. But I have to ask...Jason Collins, Anderson Cooper, Matt Boomer, and so on have come out of the closet but one has to ask, why is there still a closet? We are in an age where gays and lesbians are accepted now more than ever. Don't get me wrong, the bigotry is still there but there is no reason for people in this day and age to have to be somebody else.
    Maybe I'm wrong because I'm straight and I don't have the inner conflict that I'm sure some may have. But look at all the events that have taken place, gays are openly allowed to be in the military and slowly they are getting right to be married. They are opportunities for them to succeed in fields that were never open and it's still expanding. Living down here in South Florida I've seen, met and befriended many gay men and lesbians and the only difference I've seen between my straight friends and gays is my straight friends think there is a difference.
    Like I said, I don't care whether your pro or anti gay because none of it matters in the end. This life is too short and to waste it being in denial or hating a particular group, it's pathetic. With foreign powers making threats, economic instability, global disasters...I'm tired of people caring who is what and I'm sure some or most of society is tired with me. If you're more scared that someone of your sex is attracted to you than any other threat, then maybe your the one that needs to be in the closet.

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