Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sony 4K Ultra Televsion

   When I was little I remember when 32 inch televisions were the best thing to have. My father needed my help as well as my uncle and neighbor. Four guys to lift this giant anvil of a machine. As I grew up I saw the evolution of televisions as they started to come out of the wood work. At the risk of sounding old, what televisions can come to today is beyond what was once seen in science fiction. I went television shopping recently and what this Sony has come up with is nothing short of absolute scary.
   I have a 42 inch Vizio that I saved up for 7 months to get because I love 3D and feeling like you're in the TV is a big plus. But I heard about Sony's newest invention, the 4K ultra television and I was immediately drawn like a child to candy. I went to the Aventura Mall in Aventra, Florida and headed straight for the Sony store. All I can say that I was taken for a loop and felt that I was pushed forward through time. Sony has really pushed the envelope when it comes to quality and resolution of motion pictures.
   Nothing short of 42 inches, and the television is as slim as a sheet of paper but it's 10x more powerful than my Vizio. Built in wifi and sound system but the resolution is incredible. I seriously thought that I was inside the movie with Harry Potter and the rest of the gang. The sound was crisp and so sharp you can hear the rain as if it were right outside your house. Speaking of sound, I know that when something sounds so good, there's usually a catch. Well in this case unfortunately there is, a financial catch because with new technology comes big wallets.
   Even with financing, the cheapest one is $2999 and that's not even including taxes. Being an independent writer and full time stock clerk, my budget won't permit that. Hopefully some day I will be able to afford something like that and God willing I hope to see that day. It's amazing how far televisions have come in such a short time. My father would tell me of how there were only 10 stations on the television and I can't wait to find out what I'm going to tell my son.

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