Friday, August 9, 2013

The Problem with Education.

   Education has many definitions and several purposes but the main responsibility is simple. To prepare the students who attend the institution for a world that will either be kind or cruel to them. This institution is filled with dedicated teachers and staff to ensure the students are safe and learning at an acceptable capacity. That the materials they need are adequate and sufficient to learn and keep up with daily requirements. So what's the problem, it all costs money and that's why students are suffering and some panic to the point where they just quit and drop out because of the pressure.
   Somewhere along the line, schools forgot about education and cared more about running a business and that's why for students to get a quality education, they need to pay through the nose to get it. That's part of the problem with this system. If a student legitimately wants to learn and wants to reach their maximum potential then it's the school's responsibility to make sure that student reaches his or hers potential. Teachers should not be threatening to go on strike because they're not getting paid enough and having to work endless hours teaching kids how to pass a test instead of passing life. Programs that expand students minds shouldn't be cut just to save programs that "expose" the schools.
   If you have a dropout rate of 50% of students then what's there to expose other than empty classrooms. It's bad enough education isn't respected as much as it is but you have to insult the purpose by saving programs that have nothing to do with education, just entertainment. The students reflect the schools and the problem is we have the schools but the students are showing up. It's not just the public schools that I'm speaking of but the private schools and institutions as well. Students shouldn't be denied entry simply because they don't have the money or the right pedigree.
   Schools that do this aren't in turn living up to their potential. Why should education cost so much and why are so many barriers put into place to deny students? Students who hear of a place that can help them learn, but because they come from a different class or they just don't "qualify" they are left in the cold. If a person wants to learn from any institution, then that should be it and no questions asked. Money can be financed and their academic work ethic should be the only reflection of their potential.
   I don't mean any offense to those in the system, I only offer my opinion that schools need to be about education and not budgets. Students shouldn't be denied a fair chance at life for any reason and teachers shouldn't be tossed around like expendable commodities. Now I don't know what's going on behind the scenes and I'm not a politician so I won't imply on how education should be handled but I will ask one question to anyone who will listen. Why should students want an education when all we show them is they just have to learn how to handle a ball or to learn how to entertain? Just food for thought.

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