Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Murder for A Murder: September 11th 2026 is available for free on Amazon.

Here is the description!

A day of remembrance turns into a dark déjà vu as once again there is a terrorist attack on the silver anniversary of September 11th. A group of civilians, including the Mayor of New York are being held hostage. Threatened by a group of terrorists that have been plotting the attack for years with deadly intentions in mind. Being held for a ransom, the President of the United States will be forced to make a choice. Will he give in to the demands of a murderer or do something so radical, it would change the very image of what America stands for.

The events of this date will bring back feelings from the first 9/11 attacks like anger and sorrow as well as desires for revenge and retribution. But will the United States repeat history and once again restart a circle of chaos or will the actions of the president change the course of history. How will the world respond to these actions and most importantly, will it strengthen or weaken the nation he’s sworn to protect? Who will rise with the sun on September 12th when the deadline is met? Policies will be challenged, people will be conflicted, and a nation will remember that terrorism only needs a time, a place, and the most important thing of all…casualties.

This is my first prose ebook to help start a long and hopefully successful career. I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this story as I have creating it. It's always fascinating to wonder "what if" in the case of historical events and it's my wish that this book reminds people the most important truth we learn, especially here in the United States. Freedom isn't free. If you purchase this ebook I would like to give an early thank you and I hope you enjoy my other works, until the next is written.

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