Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adam Mack...The Miami Marvel

   I was surfing the Facebook web looking for ways to advertise my ebooks and I came across a great entertainer by the name of Adam Mack. A singer and performer who asked me to review his videos so this is what I have to say. Adam Mack has a very talented voice that captures the ears at the first word of any verse. He recently released a music video of his version of Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes and I have to say Zedd would've been proud of how this young talent delivered the song. With the help of friend and fellow entertainer Kevin Reynaldo, the video is worth your time if your a fan of the song or music in general.
   The music video is very simple and focuses solely on him which is what a music video should be, just about the performer. No fancy imagery or designs, just words and music is what it's all about. Adam Mack proves he's a Miami Marvel with his work and I sincerely hope that this young man keeps following his dream. This isn't his first video, all can be found on his website, twitter account and on his facebook page. I will definitely be rooting for this man's breakthrough because he does have the "it" factor and just needs that one spark.
   If anyone is interested in my review, Adam Mack has his own page on Facebook and has other videos on YouTube. If anyone needs a good director or producer then the same can be said about Kevin Reynaldo. Both deserve a job well done and again I want to wish them both the best in all of their futures. I hope we can all meet again in the near future. Until the next is written.

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