Friday, August 23, 2013

Ben Affleck is Batman.

   It's been confirmed that Ben Affleck will be the Dark Knight in the Man of Steel sequel. Unfortunately, the comic book nerds are pissed off and the main reason for some reason is his role from the Marvel meltdown Daredevil. For those who don't follow or have a life, Daredevil is a blind vigilante who took up his arms against evil much like Batman when he lost his father to street violence. Only real difference besides the blind part is Daredevil isn't rich, during the day he's a lawyer by the name of Matt Murdock. The movie was a bomb and that's the main reason fans are irate over the selection.
   This is nothing more than a sad case of Bale on the brain by fans of the Batman franchise. When someone like Christan Bale plays a role so well it's just so hard to see someone else playing that role. It's like Rodger Moore playing James Bond after Sean Connery all over again only this time it's with an American icon instead of a British spy. Let's not forget that Daredevil was a long time ago  and since then Ben Affleck has grown to become an award winning actor and director, something Mr. Bale doesn't have. I'm a Superman fan and I have to say it's sad that I'm giving Affleck more of a chance than dedicated Batman fans.
   The Warner Bros flop Batman and Robin is still considered one of the worst superhero movies ever right next to Steel and Catwoman so how can Affleck do worse with successful director Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan at the helm? I ask tonight that the people please wait to see what Affleck will at least look in the suit. We know nothing of the plot or who is the main villain if not Batman or Lex Luthor. So as I close this entry I would like to stand proud and say congratulations to Ben Affleck and I hope he does a good job with this version of Batman. I anxiously hope it starts a chain that will lead to the much anticipated Justice League movie.

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