Monday, August 5, 2013

Alex Rodriguez is a moron!

   I'm going to be honest and say that I don't follow baseball much but I do know who A-Rod is and I have to say, thoroughly disappointed. Like Lance Armstrong, this guy had the world at his feet and fame all around him. Now it's all going down the drain because of a stupid decision to take performance enhancement drugs. This may come off strong but then again, I really don't have much respect for someone who had the world in his hands and let it slip through his fingers. In equal stance I'm pretty sure A-Rod could care less about my opinion so I'm going to give it anyway.
   This is a man who made over 130 thousand dollars a game! People would ask why would someone make such a poor decision and here's my answer. Lust for more money and power even though this man has more than enough to spend over another lifetime. Now I can understand the pro A-Rod supporters when they say, "Everyone is on some kind of performance enhancing drugs and they're just making an example out of him." Possibly true but in the end of the day, that doesn't make it right and to let the richest player in the MLB get away with it would be a disaster to the MLB Commission. All must be held accountable, even A-Rod.
   Now I heard it's only for 211 games which basically means 2 baseball seasons and that doesn't seem like a lot but in the life of professional sports star, it means everything. Michael Vick was a professional football player that spent 2 years in prison for illegal dogfighting and when he came back into the game, it was clear that his day had already gone. The life of a sports player is very short because while they may play for 10 years or more, in the end it's a blink of a eye. Whether A-Rod will suffer the same fate as Vick, that remains to be seen but it's very clear that A-Rod will never see the Hall of Fame. For all of his accomplishments, A-Rod will forever be called a cheater, not a hall of famer.

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