Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Crisis for Cyrus.

   After watching the MTV Video Music Awards, I have to say it was quite entertaining. Sure all the boy bands and heart throbs were the winners of the night and the sweet hearts took the gold but the performances were the real show. The best one of the night has to go to Justin Timberlake just considering time, song variation and even bringing back good old memories with his old group, Nsync. Lady Gaga also deserves much credit between song variation and costume changes but of course all people can talk about is the worst one with Miley Cyrus. I agree it was the least successful performance of the night but does she really deserve all this criticism?
   For those who don't follow, Miley Cyrus performed her single "We Can't Stop" at the VMAs and while the singing was acceptable, people found her attitude and performance unacceptable. She flashed a lot of tongue, she stripped down into a tight outfit that appeared to be strangling her body parts and then dancing rather raunchy at the show. The climax of the outrage came when she bent over and danced up against fellow performer Robin Thicke or as it's called "Twerking." Do I think this was inappropriate, not really for two simple reasons. The first reason is MTV is not a family friendly show and Miley Cyrus doesn't work for Disney anymore.
   The second reason is Miley Cryus is a grown woman and it seems to me all this performance was is an attempt to break away from her child-like image. She's a young adult now and she's going to make mistakes as everyone does growing up, the only reason it's a big deal in this case is that children grew up watching her so there's added responsibilities. I understand that's not what parents want Miley Cyrus to do but in the end she ultimately has to do what she feels is right and if the parents don't like it then they need to tell their kids not to watch her anymore. Nobody should have to put on a facade just to fullfill other people's desires, if Miley Cyrus thinks she did the right thing then that's it. She's got to be who she wants to be and if anyone objects than I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter to her.
   Everyone has they're bad moments, Britney Spears bombed as well when she performed once at a VMA, Justin Beiber is constantly having his bad moments and Lindsey Lohan is now starting to come around hopefully. It's all the same stuff over and over again especially with former Disney stars. I'm not saying blame Disney but I am saying stop expecting people to stay the same way all the time. Part of growing up is to try new things and if it doesn't work and you make a mistake then learn from it. Hopefully Miley will learn from this because she is still growing up and because of her past she is taking unnecessary ridicule.

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