Saturday, August 17, 2013

Egypt, Young, Aliens, and the L.A. Kiss.

   This week has been nothing short of incredible with all the wild news with some being heartbreaking, others terrifying, and some that you just don't know how to feel about. First we have to start with what I must consider the most important news and that's Egypt. This country can't get a break with removing leaders and civil unrest. This week alone has claimed the lives of over 700 people and more violence is to be expected later in the week. Over 700 individuals fighting for what they believe in are now dead all because they believe an injustice was committed.
   Now whatever you believe is up to you and I'm not writing to dispute it but what I would like to say is that there should be no reason over 700 people should be dead over a dispute. This is going to end up like Syria all over again and could possibly be worse. I don't know all the facts so I don't really know whose right or wrong but I would like people to please pray for those whom were lost this week. I hope peace and a compromise can be found between both parties because there has been too much death as is. Egypt is one of the most historic countries on the planet and it's terrifying to see such a place fall into Civil War.
   Over here in America, a lot has happened that has shaken grounds and turned heads such as Darren Young. Darren Young is an up and coming rising star in the professional wrestling industry and has officially become the first openly gay man in wrestling. This is huge because of the impact it will have on the industry, while Young's peers seem to be showing support, ultimately it's going to be the fans that really matter. I like to personally congratulate Darren Young for his courage and hope that this doesn't negatively affect his career. Speaking of shaken up the industry, the rock and roll band KISS is bring an arena football team to the Arena Football League, The L.A. Kiss.
   KISS will be bringing L.A. what it's wanted for a long time and that's a football team but the only problem, its for a second rate football league. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley bought and are naming a football team after the famous band. The reaction seems to be mix with L.A. happy to have a football team but the other have want that team to be where the big boys play. Overall, this seems to be a legit attempt to bring attention to the L.A. area and hopefully, The L.A. KISS will be something we hear of later next year.
   Finally, UFO nuts are rejoicing over the recent announcement that the Central Intelligence Agency has acknowledged and revealed the location of the famous, Area 51. The area where we are suppose to be keeping aliens and flying saucers but in the end it seems to be just a base. Some have said that this is a publicity stunt put in place to hid the public from the real Area 51. Others believe that the only reason they revealed it was because they moved everything to a new secret base, maybe Area 52? Whatever you believe, the base does exists and people who believe in UFOs have a reason to restore their hope.
   Personally, I'll believe it when it actually happens. This week has been full of milestones for several reasons. A country is on the verge of Civil War and more innocent lives are going to be caught in the crossfire. A young man took a risk and because the first openly gay wrestler in a sport that has never come across this sensitive subject. Los Angeles is finally getting a football team and an old American myth is finally coming to light. This has truly been an historic week and once again I like all my reader to please pray for Egypt and hope that a resolution comes to the table.

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