Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Merlin Show! For free today on Amazon!

     A year ago, I started to try one more time and run for my dream in being a successful author. Today I'm working on my 4th ebook which will be made available for free and soon, I'm going to start branching out of Amazon and start putting my work on the Nook. I'm very proud of my work to day even though they haven't sold much but like I said, it's only been a year so I'm hopeful. Now I release upon the world my first short play, The Merlin Show. A parody of modern day talk shows mixed with a legendary tale.
    If there's 2 things people like to watch for entertainment it's parodies and talk shows so I figured, why not combine them to make a short funny play. What better tale to help bring this to life than the tale of King Arthur? Think about it, a child from a king who manipulated a woman, who then rises to be king himself and marry a woman who would only cheat on him with his best friend. To make matters worse he would be manipulated into having intercouse with his half-sister and they would have a child of incest. If that doesn't sound like something that would make a great talk show topic then I don't know what does.
      With the hardest working wizard in talk shows with his trusty troll by his side, The Merlin Show is something good to read if you're looking for a break. A short and sweet piece for you to pick up, laugh and finish to put you in a better mood and enjoy your day. It'll be out sometime next month and I'll be sure to mention it. Until then, until the next is written.

This ebook is available till midnight today on Amazon. Get it now before your too late and if you don't then you have no idea what comedy is.  

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