Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween poem

The Devil’s Mask
by Anthony Labson

It comes back,

every Halloween,

it comes back.

That mask that one man

made famous on a historic night.

When he tainted a beloved holiday.

Now it’s seen every day through photographs

because of greedy producers

and adored by a legion of fanatics.

A night where melted chocolate

mixed with the blood of a girl

when the last thing she saw, was it.

A mask meant to amuse but met with

curiosity which turned into the theme of Halloween.

Eyes that could burn angels opened for the first time.

A smile that showed no joy

even as he moved closer to her,

taking all the joy from the world in each step.

A face meant to meet laughter

but in suspense only heard terrifying silence

when he raised that knife over his head.

One stab to the left shoulder, another stab in the back

and one more stab to the side of her belly.

The final one met her heart under her breast.

That moment became a fixed point in time

where proof of good and evil was presented.

No corruption, no influence, just evil.

Lucifer was released on Halloween

and his costume was a child destined, to wear his mask.  

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