Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what We want and hat We need.

        Some groups believe that many people don't want to know the truth, that ignorance is bliss. That might be correct but who gave those people the right to decide what's best. This world is full of so many issues that aren't being addressed for the sole reason, people will be happier just being ignorant. We seem to be hiding issues the way parents hide problems from their children and that's what's happens when we are given what we want, we're acting like children.
        We will never progress as long as the people accept this role that it's ok to be ignorant. Adults face these issues with courage and charge head on to resolve in a matter that is both expeditious and efficent. Only then can we finally grow into a culture that can only be discribed as flawless. When I was growing up, by now already we were suppose to be something out of a sci-fi television show or movie. We made it to the moon decades ago and it seems though as if we've been in a stand still.
       Where are the flying cars or the moving side walks? Where are space ships that can take us out to deep space to explore new worlds? Are those even possibilites or was I being given something I wanted to see. Maybe instead if I was given what I needed to see, I realize we still have a long way to go before we can progress, not just nationally...but global. We all live in this world so I ask, would this world be better if we just threw all their cards on the table?

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