Saturday, April 20, 2013

Live and Let Doom Die

        I'm a fan of "The Walking Dead" but these people that take the doomsday prophecy to the extreme disturb me. I'm not one to believe in fate but its these people that would see it happen make me nervous for the worse. Then there's this show "Doomsday Preppers." A show about people who live in bunkers, carry guns that give false protection, and fill towns with terror. These people are missing the true point of life, not to survive but to live.
       There is no point in learning how to survive if you have nothing to live for. Say your sick fantasy happens, what then? You keep living a life of fear wondering when and what will come to rob you of your precious gift, you have no sense of who to trust and worst of all, you lose all your humanity. There has to be a hiring calling to life than preparing for death. Yes, there is the possiblity of "the end of days," but there are also several possiblities, positive ones. How bout we start preparing for those instead?
       Prepare for the birth of your grandchildren, prepare for the preservation of our species, and lets just enjoy the moment. Life is too short to be worrying about something that could possibly happen. I rather enjoy a beer or a pepsi while being in bed with an incredibly beautiful woman, after having a fantastic dinner every night and to cap it all off. My favorite part of that whole process would be going to bed and being grateful that she'll be there when I wake up. I choose to live and let doomsday die.

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