Monday, April 22, 2013

Define Hell.

           Met a Satanist tonight, nobody paid any attention to him, a few threats were made at him but nothing occured. I just had to ask, "Do you really want to go to Hell when you die?" If there is a Hell of course, no disrespect intended and to this he replied, "Yes!" So I just had to ask well how do you define Hell? He of course looked at me with a confused look on his face like I was the one that was crazy. I reminded him that Hell is generally defined as a place where we all come to terms with the sins we committed in the land of the living.
          There are other beliefs I'm sure but I was just sticking with the general purpse and to this he replied, "Better to rule in Hell then serve in Heaven." To this I gave a short giggle but I digressed and suggested that he should think twice about his desires because it may not be up to him where he goes. For all I knew he was going to Heaven and to that remark again he looked at me as if I was crazy. So I decided, being the smart ass to give my reason behind the remark.
          "If in fact that there is a Hell and it's purpose is to be a punishment for our sins then perhaps you would go to Heaven because for you, that would be Hell. There would be no hellfire and brimstone, there will just be white clouds and sunshine. And if there is a God, because of your desires to rule, he will make sure you spend an eternity serving his bathroom." He got irrated and he was the one given threats but I just walked away. My purpose in provoking him wasn't to preach religion but promote life, nobody truly knows where we're going and though we may have an idea, the best thing to do is live this gift and worry about it when it happens.

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