Friday, April 19, 2013

Food for thought.

Casting the Stone


Anthony Labson

As I walk up to the only gates that matter

I see three souls stuck in the clouds.

To my amazement,

They were sad, crying.

I thought it was because of the ones they left behind.

Their wives, children, and beloved friends

and the memories they spent with them.

But that’s not it. The souls appeared to have steam rising from their clothes.

I feared the worse for them.

I walk up to Him and I say,

“Hello, it’s been a long time coming.

May I ask why are they there and not joining me

in paradise?”

He says, “They thought themselves innocent.

They threw stones that started

building a foundation

that lead them to their damnation.

The first one is guilty of Murder.

No he did not kill his parents for money or his

best friend for his wife.

His killing spree started with ants, using the sun

to burn them and it didn’t end there.

Many animals followed, some were for sport,

others because he believed they had no value.

Pitting them against each other for money

or running over them on the street even though

he had time to stop and let them go.

All life is precious no matter how big or small

in size and purpose.

The second one is guilty of Baring False Witness.

He believed himself pure of faith and resented

all those who didn’t have the same conviction.

He memorized every line, he attended every ceremony,

He spent more time reading the word but

not understanding the meaning of the word.

He soon became consumed by that one fault.

The corrupted that followed would

be safe from his wrath and those

who would have the courage to stay innocent,

The scars he inflicted will now be measured unto


The final one is guilty of Stealing.

No he didn’t steal a candy bar from a vendor

or a man’s prom date.

He stole homes and he stole futures hiding it

behind promise of progress.

He mentioned so much that could be gained,

before those who would gain great loss could fight back,

everything was already gone.

He claimed to be making better homes

and better neighborhoods but while he

reap the rewards of his new design,

hundreds were left out in the cold.

Unable to move back in those expensive new homes,

they now suffered in the streets while those

who already had homes took up more space.

Money isn’t the only thing that can be stolen

and here it has no value compared to a life.

That is why they wait for damnation.

They believed themselves without sin

and constantly kept throwing stones.

Now those stones will weigh them down into the inferno.”

My mind is full with fear now.

“Well then I won’t waste your time, I am guilty of such sins too.

I hunted deer in the season, I’m not the most devoted,

and I have stolen from time to time.

Sometimes it was a candy bar and sometimes it was more.”

He says, “But you never hid it.

You can admit your sins unto me

and that counts for something.

Now have a seat and let us begin.”

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