Thursday, April 18, 2013

Control and Perfection

          Perfection, it's nothing but a lie. Nothing is meant to be perfect, everything has it's flaws and those who deny this and pretend there's perfection are only proving that they are suffering on the inside. Life is all about struggle, we all do in our own way. If life was perfect, it be boring and irrelevant. There would be no point to a life where nothing would have to be done because it was "perfect" to begin with. The persuit of perfection is one of mankind's greatest flaws because it feeds our desire for control.
          Control is at best, mankind's biggest illusion. We were never meant to control in this world. While yes we can control ourselves and how we live our lives, there are many elements on this planet that remind us from time to time, we control nothing. We build houses and the strongest winds blows them down, make roads and the rain floods them, and the strongest walls can't withstand the pressures of an ocean. Humanity was never meant to control but adapt.
          Adapting is the one consist trait we have. We as a species have been able to survive the worst of nature's fury because we find a way. We are not meant to control such things like nature or the universe but we can be ready for whatever they throw our way. Now if we can only adapt to what we throw at ourselves, this world would be better right now.

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