Friday, April 26, 2013

The NFL Draft/Dallas Cowboys

     Any thoughts on the draft right now? I think the new Jacksonville/Dolphin's uniforms look nice. Personally, I'm a Dallas Cowboy fan and I have to say I'm upset so far. I feel as though there have been nothing but mistakes being made. First, is extending Romo's contract to 6 years and over 100 million dollars, waste of money. Second is releasing Marcus Spears, the man still has life in him and he performed well in the seasons. Finally, the fact that head coach Jason Garrett no longer has full control of his team.
     Tony Romo, while I have all the respect in the world for him. He's done what he's can with the team, I feel as though his better days are behind him and while he's  a good quarterback, he's not the quarterback. I know one of the reasons Jerry Jones kept him because of his ratings. He rates last underneath names like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton and Eli Manning, anybody knows what binds them all? They all have a ring or more and they've been to the big game more than once but Romo hasn't even gotten passed to the NFC Championship round.
     Romo deserves respect for what's he has done but he just can't win the big one and as a fan, that to me becomes a liability. Same goes for Marcus Spears, every game he played his heart out and just like Romo, he had the best years of career in Dallas but with the way the defense is looking, they can't afford to lose any of the good players even if they are seasoned. If they get a lot of defense players in the draft then at least this problem will be corrected.
     The one factor that will determine how good the Cowboys season is will be the fact that Jason Garrett no longer calls plays. The fact that Jerry Jones had to take that power away from Garrett is a bad sign to fans because it shows an instablity of power. A coach is a figure head, a statement to the rest of the league that says I'm the guy in charge and I'll take the blame for our misfortunes and share the glory in our victories. It just looks like a bad omen and it's foreshadowing a dark season for the cowboy fans. Something has to happen in the draft and improvements needs to be made to show stability and reinforce the confidence in Cowboy fans.

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