Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Grandfather, My Hero

     Of all the good influences in my life, I have to say my grandfather, Nicholas Clementi was my biggest because of his belief in humanity. He grew up in a labor camp in Italy and escaped by braking his own hand so he could get through the hospital ward. Then he traveled through Europe and when he finally made it to America, it wasn't the warmest of welcomes. But he perservered and made a life for him and the last years of his life were some of the most wonderful of mine.
     I say that becasue he shows me real faith, something I just don't see in people anymore. My grandfather had seen the worst of human beings but for some reason he never gave up on the human spirit. I asked him one time why and he said, "Yes, we have done horrible things in our history but I am comforted because just imagine how good this world will be once we channel our energy for positive outcomes." Maybe it's just because I'm young but I wish I could see the potential my grandfather did in humanity. So while I wait, I'll just remember my grandfather and remember the potential he saw in me so maybe I could help humanity reach their potential.

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