Friday, April 26, 2013

What is Truth?

      "The search for the truth will always be mankind's greatest journey as well as the most dangerous one." I heard Vincent Price say these immortal words in the 1960s version of the fly and they've always stuck with me. That makes me ask the question, do we as a species really want to know the truth or would we rather act like children and stay oblivious to everything. Truth be told, I can't blame them for wanting to be ignorant.
        It is scary the numerous things that are out there both outside the earth and inside but part of being an adult is having to face these truths and accept them in daily life. But unfortunately, not everyone wants to be an adult and that's what hurts. What is your definition of Truth? Is it something that can just be said with no facts or scientific proof to back it up, then I'm very sorry that you have such low standards. We are human beings and we have minds!
        We have various and wonderful advantages that poor souls in the past could never dream of and yet we still resort to primative ways of finding truth through the worst way possible. We're just taking other people's word for it. This isn't what people do, this is what drones do and what is the purpose of a drone? To keep doing what we're being directed to do until we just crash and soon after we are replaced by another drone. People have died in the name of finding the truth and you disrepect them by just listening to what other people think and accepting "their" truth.

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