Sunday, April 21, 2013

Our Responsibilty.

         I met a man that's hands down one of the most miserable people I have the displeasure of meeting. As I walk on the beach he stands on a rock and preaches his problems. He has no wife, children that wish he wasn't their father. He has my sympathy but in the end, he's responsible for his own life. If we want something that could improve the quality of our lives, we have the obligation to do whatever it takes. It's our responsiblity to make our lives better and if something is in our way then we have to remove it.
          I'm a writer, trying to make a name for myself in a world were I'm just a drop of water in the ocean so I have to work jobs to self publish my ebooks. I'm taking risks I can't afford to take and I haven't been able to have a social life for nearly 2 years. Am I whining about my issues, no because it's my life and I chose this difficult path, if you want to be a fish in a pond, you have to be a predator and not a trout.
         Here's the cold hard truth; everyone has problems no matter what class or any other background we come from but the winners in this game aren't the ones who cry and want to start over. It's won by the people who keep rolling with what they got. So to put very frankly, either get up or shut tht hell up because nobody is going to help you if you won't help yourself. We all have lives and we all have responsibilties to make our lives better, this is mine trying to make something out of myself. What are you going to do?

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