Monday, December 30, 2013

New Poem

Loss of Identity


Anthony Labson

I don’t need a book to tell me what’s right

because I have a heart and a conscience.

I don’t need to be told whose right and wrong

because I can listen and decide for myself.


When somebody tells me they heard something

then I ask where did they hear it from

and decide whether or not it’s a credible source.


If I speak to someone and they don’t agree

then I listen without interrupting.

If we still disagree then we still shake

and show respect.


I have only hated a few people in my life

but that’s because they offended me

physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Not because someone says it’s wrong.

I am for different laws and new amendments

not because I’m a member of a party

but because I truly believe my country

will benefit from them.

My loyalty will always belong to my country

not to any party or specific group.

I don’t sacrifice personal feelings

just to secure other people’s insecurities.


Peer pressure is the killer of individuality.

Don’t let it control you because if you do
                                               then the world loses something precious.

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