Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rest In Peace Paul Walker

   Yesterday, Paul Walker was killed when he and a friend were driving and crashed into a tree and were killed. Paul Walker was only 40 and leaves behind a daughter and a fan base that has followed him since his break out in the famous franchise film, Fast and Furious. With Paul Walker's death a lot of questions have come out since it was announced around 7 p.m. last night. Questions like where they on some kind of drug and what does this mean for the upcoming next Fast and Furious movie? Well here's what we can definitely see happening in the near future.
   Paul Walker and a friend of his were in a car driving when the car ran into a tree presumably at high speed because the damage of the wreck was so severe, the car exploded after the crash. Even if by some miracle either man survived, the blast would've killed them as they were engulfed in flames. There is still an ongoing investigation so there will be an autopsy and hopefully we'll get the story in a few days or maybe a few weeks. What does this mean for the movie?
   Plans are already underway to redo the script the movie so Paul Walker's character, Brian, is killed off somehow leaving the driver seat open for either a new character or possibly ending the franchise completely. That will remain to be seen until the movie is released. No doubt the movie might also be pushed back due to Walker's death, it was due out in Summer of next year but now we may see it pushed back to a fall or winter release. The decision will ultimately come down to what the writers do and whether the company agrees to do. There is a lot going on and nobody seems to know exactly what's going to happen but here is what we can agree on.
   Paul Walker was an actor, a friend and a father who left this world way too early and he left in a very tragic way. Nobody should have to lose a family member in such a horrific accident especially during the holiday season. My heart and prayers go out to his family and his friends at this most difficult time. He left behind a legacy that can never be duplicated and I hope that he rests in peace. Goodbye Paul Walker and thank you for the memories.

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