Thursday, December 19, 2013

Freedom or Contracts

     Phil Robertson is a elderly popular character on a hit show called Duck Dynasty. Now  I've never seen the show because I'm always busy doing other things and it doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. It's basically a reality show about a family, the Robertson family whom are a wealthy family because of a successful business selling duck hunting products. Like all hit reality shows, there's one breakout star, one comic relief and one moral leader that brings the ratings in. Which category does Phil Robertson fit in, I don't know because again I don't watch the show. So you're probably asking yourself why am I talking about this then?
     The answer simply is, he's news and this is the reason I'm writing a blog. Recently, Phil Robertson said negative remarks towards homosexuals during an interview which got him suspended indefinitely by A&E. Phil Robertson did not apologize for making the comment but did make it clear that he does not discriminate against gays but he does disagree with their lifestyles due to his Christian beliefs. This has sparked outrage on both parties because on one hand he's expressing his views and beliefs under the protection of Freedom of Speech therefore he shouldn't be punished. On the other hand, others believe that his remarks cast a negative image over the network that shows his program and the network has a right to protect their image.
     This is my opinion on the matter. I don't agree with Robertson's views or his use of them and I do believe he shouldn't be punished for his remarks. However, here is the problem people don't seem to understand with that important right we have here in the U.S. The Bill of Rights was created to protect the people from government control and not corporate control. Duck Dynasty is a show on a network and when you become a part of that network then you become a representative of that network. Like any celebrity, when your in public you have to conduct yourself in a way that will make sure people keep watching.
     Years ago, famous country star Hank Williams Jr. compared current president Barack Obama as Adolf Hitler. Again, his right and I disagree but respect it because it's his right as an American but this eventually led to his termination with the NFL as the Monday Night Football opener. Football fans are a very patriotic fan base and when you compare the President of the United States to the most evil man that ever lived, termination is inevitable. The purpose of any network is to get ratings and anytime someone says something unpopular that can affect the ratings in a negative way is given the ax. Numerous celebrities have fallen prey to this fact such as Alec Baldwin and Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman for their racist or homophobic remarks.
     We have the freedom of speech but when you sign a contract, if you want to make the big bucks, then you have to follow the rules of the contract. The networks only care about making the viewer happy so they keep watching but if the viewers think the network endorses someone they disagree with then that person may stop watching. If people strongly disagree with this decision then I encourage everyone in the United States to take advantage of another right and that's the right to protest. To anyone that enjoys the show, I hope you see Phil on there someday again.

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