Saturday, December 14, 2013

Remembering Sandy Hook

    I remember Columbine like it was yesterday. I was running late to my 4th period class in middle school because I was busy messing with my friends talking about something that happened in physical performance. I made it just in time before the bell rang but there was an awkward feeling in the air, I thought the teacher was giving a pop quiz but when I saw the teacher had the television on. When I saw what had happened in Colorado, I was stunned how something so horrific could happen. I had seen for the first time the evil actions of evil people.
    I thought I would never hear something so evil being broadcast over the news but just like September 11th 2001 surpassed Pearl Harbor in terms of casualties and horror. Sandy Hook surpassed Columbine. I was at work stocking shelves thinking of when to start my next EBook, The Wall and I saw a lady crying on aisle 10 which is cleaning products. I thought she got bad personal news to which I was right about the news but wrong about it being personal. She showed me the news clip on her smart phone and I couldn't believe what I read.
    So many lives lost both children and teachers who became heroes by sacrificing their lives so their students wouldn't die. Parent's received calls that their children were not just killed but mauled in a way that they can't even be identified because of a maniac with a gun. A day so dark, the whole nation mourned with a town that had lost so much in just a matter of hours. Now a year later we seem to be arguing about the same issues such as gun control and school safety. You know what these two issues have in common with Sandy Hook, irrelevance.
    Gun control has been argued over for decades and nothing has happened and never will. Schools are doing what they can to stay safe but the fact is, evil tends to strike where and when you least expect it. Yesterday a kid that attended a high school 8 miles near Columbine went to the school with a shotgun and shot two student then himself. Everyone's already pouncing on the issues just mentioned but the fact is still the same, a maniac wanted to kill someone and on an ordinary day, he almost accomplished his mission. The two kids were at the hospital and are expecting to live but this is why we should remember Sandy Hook and Columbine.  
    Innocent lives were taken without provocation and without reason, so instead of playing the blame game let us do the right thing and mourn them. Let us pray for the families who lost children, the spouses who lost their life partners, and the friends that lost other friends. It's not fair that good people find themselves in horrific situations. We can prevent it but not by playing the blame game instead we can remember the fallen and not take any day for granted.

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