Sunday, December 29, 2013

From Fluke to Fact!

    Last night an unexpected outcome happened when mixed martial arts legend Anderson "The Spider" Silva lost his rematch with current Ultimate Fighting Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman. What made this loss unexpected was the fashion in which the 39 year old fighter lost and that was when he broke his leg in the second round. After being hammered by Weidman in the first round, Silva went on the aggressive side and went for a side kick to Weidman's legs. However Weidman blocked the maneuvering his get so Silva's leg would meet bone instead of Weidman's kneecap. This resulted in the immediate end of the match thus granting Weidman the victory via technical knockout.  
   It was clear that it was a clean break and Silva was in no condition to continue as he was immediately surround by trainers. Silva was the favorite to win the fight over the champion who is now undefeated at 11-0. With this victory Chris Weidman cemented the fact that he deserves to be recognized as a champion. Many critics and fight fans believed his win was merely a fluke or even fixed because of Silva's suspicious immediate announcement that he was taking time off. This fight meant something to both fighters but it's clear that Chris Weidman deserves much needed respect.
    The question now on everyone's mind is what does that mean for Anderson Silva? Silva is 39 years old, a time where most fighters should be on their way out. Silva will no doubt need at least 6 months to heal and even more time rehabilitating just to get back in shape. By the time he could come back into the ring, he will be 40 years of age so retirement is a huge possibility for the living legend. Whatever he decides to do you, you can't deny that he was and in most ways the greatest fighter alive.
    Anderson "The Spider" Silva has had a career that most people would see if they played a video game with the difficulty level set at easy. With only 6 losses and over 30 wins in multiple companies around the world. He held the Middleweight title for over 6 years and had went against the best mixed martial arts had to offer. When he went to the UFC he was undefeated until he fought Chris Weidman. Some hated him for his cockiness and others loved him for his superiority but all respected him for his accomplishments.
    It would be a real treat to see Silva return to the ring but again Silva has reached an age that most fighters should be retiring age. Most fighters however feel as though they need to have that one last great fight before finally hanging up the gloves so that's why I wouldn't be surprised if Silva gives it one more shot. Chris Weidman proved to the world last night that he deserved to be respected as a champion because he didn't just beat a former champion. He beat a legend which in sense is grabbing the torch and now running with it. Will he reach a status such as Silva's I can't say but if he tries, he better put an S on his chest then because that's what he'll need.   

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