Sunday, December 22, 2013

Who You Are and What You Have.

   Growing up, we make a lot of decisions that affect our lives. The major one is who we are going to be in our lives and that's what the subject of his entry is about. Growing up I knew I just wanted to have a life worth living. I wanted excitement, a mark to leave on people long after I'm gone, and to create a legacy for others to aspire to. The problem with going down this path is you come across people who will like you but may go on to resent you.
   You'll befriend them, hang out with them, and maybe even trust them someday but there will be that one friend that becomes envious and the seed of jealousy will take over. They'll think that because you want to move up in life, being around them wasn't good enough for you. They'll believe that you'll forget them once you move on and achieve your dreams while they are still trying to achieve theirs. It's at that moment my friends that you must remind them that just because you want to change the way you live, you don't want to change the way you are or the company you keep around you.
   We all want a better life. Some more than others but that doesn't mean that we don't treasure the friends we make along the way. That the company you now have is more important than the people who supported your dreams. Money changes situations but it doesn't change people, it only makes possible the opportunities you didn't have before. Nothing is more important than the people who support you and the bonds that keep you together. The people who only have money in life have the biggest handicap because when that money goes, whose your friend?
    I've been blessed for having a balance thanks to the love and dedication of my parents and now I'm standing on my own feet to try and make something of my own dreams. I have friends who have never convinced me to give up or to settle for less. For that my I consider you all family, blood could not make us any closer than we are. The greatest treasure in the world isn't made of gold, jewels or paper. You can't put a price on a helping hand.

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