Sunday, December 15, 2013

New Poem

Show me Love

You give us shows about

“True Love”

by giving a guy and girl

a few weeks to choose

who they’d love to make out with.


That is not love.

Love doesn’t take a few weeks to work

unless it’s something you read or

watch in a movie.


Then you show me

the lives of celebrities.

Their marriages don’t last

as is, but when they get on television,

the process just speeds up.


You want to give me a show on

“True Love,”

here’s how you do it.

Give me a reality show about two people

who get on each other’s nerves

every moment of the day.


Getting into arguments about work, about the house,

about life in general.

Have them ready to go nuts. If, at that point,

they still go to bed together, and they still kiss each other goodnight,

then that’s a show I would love to see on the air.

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