Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nelson Mandela: The Man Leaves But The Idea Lives On.

   Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa has passed on but he's left a legacy that can only be best described as revolutionary. He grew up in a country that had an oppressive government and as the years went by dedicated his life to change. He went on to becoming South Africa's first black South African president after enduring nearly three decades of imprisonment and torture. Once released he went on to receive numerous accolades for his activism and accomplishments. What he spent most of his life to achieve is this.
   Nelson Mandela fought most of his life to overturning the policy known as "Apartheid" which is basically segregation among the races in South Africa. This was a time where all the races in South Africa were separated as well as denying rights such as education and medical services. Nelson Mandela stood against these rights and for his opposition, he was imprisoned. He suffered decades through scorching heat and condemnable living conditions. Finally after a strong campaign, he was released and later on in 1994 was elected and finally overcame that ruling body.
   After being elected he would break down the policy that he had suffered for so long to over throw. He received prestigious awards like the Noble Peace Prize and the U.S. Medal of Freedom for his achievements and thus cementing his legacy. He passed away with the streets he spent his life freeing filled with people cheering his name as his spirit went to the paradise he much deserved. The question is now what will happen now that this icon for freedom and equality is gone. This is my honest opinion.
   Nelson Mandela is to South Africa what Martin Luther King Jr. is to the United States. These men are symbols of freedom and equality for all no matter who or what you are. They may have died but their ideas will forever live on through their history and success. History rewards the deeds of great individuals that have survived their struggles and achieve greatness. There will never be another Nelson Mandela but through his legacy, South Africa is on a greater course. As long as his ideas of equality live on, South Africa will prosper.

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