Sunday, October 13, 2013

Walking Dead Season Begins!

   The Walking Dead returns and with it, a revamped cult following for the undead who have been looking for something that brings the zombie apocalypse to life. This show is known for a lot of things and yes, blood and gore is one of them. But the main instrument of it's success is the main villain and here's the kicker. It's not the zombies that we all have to worry about in a zombie apocalypse, it's regular human beings that are the danger. A zombie is nothing more than an animal because it only knows three main goals being hunt, catch and eat.
   The other concept of the story is the internal conflict that everyone must face, whether to hold on to your morals and keep your humanity or sacrifice everything to survive in a world that would eat you alive, literally. The series is up to its fourth season and during that journey, the viewers have loved many characters that would eventually be lost. Some because they hung on to those morals and kept their light in a dark world but others because they went so far off the path they didn't find their way back. It's hard either way, some would even not make a choice and instead of facing the danger head on, they took the easy way out.
   This show reminds me of Mad Max because like that franchise, this series is really the same only with zombies thrown into the mix. It's all really about people trying to cope with what's occurred and somehow trying to regain what you would consider a normal life. The problem most characters have is that they can't understand that life can never be. Everything that defines what's human is gone and it's completely uncharted territory. The worst thing also is that the danger is everywhere and like matter, it changes from one form into another.
   Who would want to live in a world like that? Where you wake up everyday thinking you might be eaten or killed tomorrow? That you know you'll never again know security and what it means to have happy life. Your friends and family are gone or worse they have been transformed into one of those monsters and you have to put them down so they don't infect others. That you can't trust anyone, that someone you're with may shoot up in the leg to save themselves.
   The Walking Dead is a perfect adaptation of the graphic novel and in a way, a real perspective of how people would react if God forbid, a real zombie apocalypse would occur. I won't go into detail about the characters or what's progressed so far because in my opinion, the series deserves your attention. If you rather not then I can't blame you because this show is not for everybody. But I will say in it's defense, this is one of the best written series I've seen on television in a long time. It's gets you in a way most horror movies don't anymore in this day and age.

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