Saturday, October 12, 2013

Save The Date!

Available for Amazon Kindle October 15th

            A famous killer has risen again but this time the only life he wants to take is his own. The problem with his ambition is that his religious views are in the way of his plan coming to fruition. The killer has a deep religious belief that he needs forgiveness in order to enter Heaven, not because he is a killer, but a vampire as well. A curse that was forced upon him when he was human and made him go into hiding. Now after a century of torment, he has decided to call it quits but not before achieving absolution.

An unlucky priest finds himself meeting the most evil creature he will ever come across as he is forced to listen to his confession. He will listen as this villain reveals intimate details that no history book could’ve ever known about. He will hear his sins and then decide whether he can forgive this man for the evil he has done and the evil he is. Will he help this killer achieve his goals or be victim to a monster’s rage? Will the killer’s belief pay off or is his madness blinding him to the fact that he is beyond redemption.

You will witness how one man’s ambition turns into madness and see how hundreds fell because of his ambition for glory and…revenge. This is a dark tale not meant for anyone young so buy at your own risk. Whether you’re a fan of horror or vampires, this EBook is for you. I hope you deeply enjoy this and after you’re done, take a look at my other works. Until the next is written.


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